Flaring Felicity: The Heart of the Blog


Flaring Felicity – I get asked a lot why I named my blog this way.  Believe me, it took me more than a day to figure out how I’ll call this site.  Naming a website is more difficult than you think.  I like playing with rhyming words, and I’m fascinated with the letter “F” (stands for fashion, food, favorite, fabulous, fun and all other fantastic stuff) so my mind bumped into the word Felicity.  And then, I fell in love with its meaning. Like magic.

Felicity is a happiness you feel when you experience contentment and freedom.  And yes, felicity is the vibe I want YOU to encounter as you come across my blog.  I described felicity with the other word “flaring”, which means bursting and flaming up to express my bottled up passion for writing.  I know you can get tongue twisted when you say flaring felicity together. I didn’t mind because it just brings me such an excitement I couldn’t resist.

So, you’ve learned about the name!  Let me just add a few more introduction about the blog.

My name is Jonah, I post here moments in my life when I just feel grateful and awesome!  It doesn’t have to be grand vacations or meals in a fancy restaurant.  I include here simple memories filled with the things I love which I think are worth sharing with you.  In a nutshell, I am into food, fashion, travel, and social events.  My favorite posts are those in the “inspirations” tab which has my insights about life and love. Please take a peak at those and tell me what you think.  I love exchange of comments and conversations.

But wait, Let me warn you that this site is under reprogramming and improvements all the time.  Needed to do that to keep the *SPARK* going. So the look and everything else here may change from time to time. Hehe.

Thanks for dropping by. Muah Muah!! XOXO – Jonah

Fantastic Memories from 2014

Facebook recently came up with a summary of 2014 highlights which users can access. I didn’t have one on my wall yet.  I felt it will be more fun to still work on my annual tradition of counting blessings here in my blog before end of the year.   Hence, I personally consolidated my photos from FB to craft made my own sets of photo collage for this post.

There are ten things I’m grateful for this year which I’d like to share with you, most especially to people in my life who journeyed with me this year. Here’s my list!

1. Time Spent with Family and Relatives

familyIn this photo: Rachel Fajardo’s Reunion , Simple weekend bonding with family at Kenny Roger’s, Mother’s day treat for moms in the neighborhood facilitated by my Nanay Rosal and Auntie Eva, Meeting the Librojo family again after many years, Ate Weena’s birthday bash and Halloween party, Christmas eve at our home with Ate Michelle, and playing loom bands with my nieces Aaron and Aarden.

Most favorite moment: I really enjoyed Ate Weena’s birthday celebration. Thanks again Ate Weena for organizing this one and special regards to Chipeco family! I’m thankful for the time to meet relatives of my dad, and cousins I haven’t seen for a long time.  It was also a time to bond for me and my mom. I had fun taking the dance floor with her! And yeah, did I mention we both came in costume and really partied like teenagers that night?

Most favorite female relative of the year: Auntie Claris! It feels good to be reconnected with her and her family again. Wishing you good health, wealth and more love for 2015.

Most favorite male relative of the year: My Tatay Ruel! Thank God he finally learned how to chat in viber and facebook! Thanks for catching up Tatay and for the gifts you send me and my siblings most especially the warm ‘virtual hugs’. WE LOVE YOU!!!

2. Travels


In this photo: Ilocos Norte adventure – Check out my blog posts here on places we visited, Trip to Santa Fe Cebu (I love the beaches here!), Sky Ranch Tagaytay (where I spent a romantic Valentines date), Laiya Batangas (for my friend Mabelle’s wedding), and La Mesa Eco park (with my cousin Michelle).

Most favorite travel experience this year: I don’t have as many travels this year compared to the previous years but I really had a blast with my Ilocos Norte experience! Thanks to my friend Berline for inviting me here during my birthday month. All the places we visited were AMAZING and our travel companions were also SO MUCH FUN.

Most favorite travel companion this year: Tara Dingson! Wouldn’t have done the exotic photo shoots in the beach without you!!! Haha.

Mabelle Formaran- Bajada's Wedding day with Rika Roman and Kids, Tara Dingson, Donna De Leon and Myself.

 Rika Roman and Kids, Tara Dingson, newly weds Mabelle and Melan , Donna De Leon and myself at Laiya Batangas.

3. Moments with Friends

friendsIn this photo: Batangas get-away with Nani, Day-off at Intramuros with Jigs, Reunion with my ATS batchmates, lunch with Vinna and Donna at Greenbelt, and Vanessa’s wedding.

Most favorite moment: This is not in the photo, but it has to be my breakfast chat with Nani at Pancake House Harbour Square.

I’m also grateful to have been in touch with my mentors Jun Godornes, and Kate and Daniel Tibayan. I had fun watching Nine Works’ The Last Five Years with my college besty Berline, too. Cheers sis to your soon-to-be wedding!

Male Friend of the Year: Nicki of Hangout Club!! (Hi Nicki ;))

Female Friends of the Year: I met these awesome ladies this year who inspired me to be fab and fun: Meanne Melad, and sisters Paolina and Marthina. Thank you for the warmth you make me feel whenever I’m around.

with Thina, Meanne and Pao taken in Antipolo Rizal

Posing with Thina, Meanne and Pao taken in Antipolo Rizal


4. Simple Joys at Work

workIn this photo (left to right): Lunch date at Enterprise with Anthony Fernandez (my awesome friend who joined my company this year), Music jamming with officemates (we organized a band this year and play during our office devotions), MET Open Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum with Crizia, Meetings with Cesar Montano and Bearwin Meily, Chats with Junie, Videoke with friends from Habitat Indonesia, ‘Strumms Showdown’ with Arlene and JM Lago, Greenbelt Charity Auction, My friend Jay Mamon’s devotion talk and team building activity, Toshy’s weding, and the DLSU seminar with Jap, JM Dalida and Renz.

Most favorite hang-out experience: Work accomplishments would fall under the annual performance evaluation report in the office!  Hehe, so let’s share the best hang-out experience instead! I really enjoyed jamming with JM and Arlene at Strumms! The food and musicians was great, I’d like to sing again for the open-mic stage.  I’m also thankful for my team mates in Marketing and the opportunities we have to fellowship with one another.

The core members of the Mass Market Development Team: Anthony, Louie, Jonah, Tosh and Jenny

The core members of the Mass Market Development Team at Spicy Fingers Greenbelt: Anthony, Louie, Jonah, Tosh and Jenny

5. Opportunities to Give Back

In this photo: Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ Pamaskong Handog gift giving activity and our family’s neighborhood party for kids. (More photos on my mom’s ministry page Freedom through Christ).

6. Exploring New Adventures

new adventures
Two new things I’ve done this year would be to cosplay with my siblings (that’s me as Elsa!!) and to join a bazaar for my online shop SAYONATO (We sell imported bags!).  My sister’s shop also showcased her polymer clay items.


Related blog post: What to do in cosplay conventions

7. Spiritual Retreats

We all need to pause and reflect in some points.

Retreats can be fun and meaningful at the same time.

In this photo: SAFE training at Saint Michael’s retreat house in Antipolo and Victory weekend retreat.

Special greetings goes to Sheryl and Jackie for their prayers and guidance in my spiritual walk. Love you ladies!! XOXO.

8. Favorite Things for 2014

favorite things
In this photo: My candy rush fun run medal, Aaron’s loom band kit, Cold Stone Ice Cream, Panizza fron Uncle Cheffy’s (my top resto pick this year) , Margharita from Kapuluan Vista resort, my brother’s Doodle Art, My Craypas and Sketch notebook (for my break-up therapy), Strawberry cake from Mom and Tina’s (Thanks for the treat Kuya Dan and Ate Kate!!), Kindness Never Goes Out of Style Canvass bag (Thank you Robert Alejandro!!), Oolong Tea (tip from ex-lover whenever I feel sick), My Fendi bag (first item which got sold in OLX and encouraged me to post more stuff there), and the lavender bouquet I arranged for mom (I realized I like flower arranging and may excel at it).

9. My Fashionable and Fit Self!!!

fit and fabIn this photo: My batchmates at Make-up by Kiran Workshop, and random selections from my DIY photo shoots.

Thank God I stayed healthy and pretty and sexy throughout the year!!! Hahaha.  For 2015 I look forward to maintain my fit bod and attain a smaller waistline.  (I gained some inches the past months).   I’ll also explore a variety of make-up products, apply my Project Runway knowledge in selecting clothes and model for more pictorials.

10. My Celebrity Encounters

In this photo: OJ Mariano from Rak of Aegis (oh yeah, I enjoyed the show)!, Alden Richards & Daniel Matsunaga (new Habitat ambassadors), “Tolits” from Rak of Aegis, Chef Tristan and Chef Nino (taken from Gardenia’s Sandwich Battle), and Pop Talk host Tonipet Gaba.

My most favorite celebrity experience: Riding the same van and having chats (while eating fruits) with Cesar Montano. He’s so cool especially when he plays the guitar and sings.

I don’t know if I mentioned in the blog that I like watching stage plays.  I was able to see only two this year: Rak of Aegis and Nine Works’ The Last Five Years.  I look forward to see more next year.


cheers new
So that’s it!! The year 2014 was an AWESOME one, don’t you think! It’s one of the most colorful years not just for the blog but my personal life as well. How was yours? I hope to catch up with you again soon.

I thank the Lord for how He is concerned in all areas of our lives. Looking back, the happy moments outweighs the trials, heartbreak and stress I also went through this year. If we focus on the good things, we will wake up each morning with renewed hope that life will be better each day.


Hugs and kisses,
Jonah XOXO.

Coca-Cola’s STAR Empowers Women in Manila

Coca-Cola Philippines is up for heartwarming surprises every holiday season.   From last year’s volunteerism campaign aiding Typhoon Yolanda survivors in partnership with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, Coca-Cola  chooses to give back to the community once more.

The STAR in store for us this year is something that brings the same sparkle of hope to many.

Coca-Cola’s STAR stands for Sari-Sari Store Training and Access to Resources. This is a program which aims to empower Filipina micro-entrepreneurs.  They will be provided with access to business skills training courses, financial services and connections with peers or mentors who will help grow their businesses. Coca-Cola’s goal is to reach 5Million Filipino women for this initiative by 2020. This target was also named and promoted by the company as 5by20.

I look forward to how Coca-cola will give back to their customers through the STAR project. In my local community alone, there are many women entrepreneurs who could benefit from this.

I’ve been working full time for NGOs for 5 years now and has seen how corporate social responsibility initiatives of global brands like Coca-Cola succeed. My holiday wish is that this effort would gather the same support from various stakeholders and become sustainable.

To my blog readers, please be on the look out and support campaigns that help your local communities. Get involved, and your experience will surely give you a deeper appreciation of life and people around you.

Happy Holidays!!
Jonah XOXO

Awesome Cosplays from Cosplay Mania 2014

Cosplay Mania is the biggest gathering of cosplayers in the country.  This year, the organizers held the convention last October 5 and 6 at SMX Convention Center.  I arrived around 3pm on the first day with my awesome siblings who came to the event as Tharja and Gaius of Fire Emblem Awakening.  As expected the venue was packed with participants of different ages.

Flaring Felicity’s usual convention tradition is to go around and spot remarkable cosplayers who came to the event.  So take a look at some photos we captured.  If you happened to be one of the cosplayers on the photos here, feel free to send us a comment and a proof of your identity.  You will get a free GC from our partner Friendly Panda Creation.  

Cosplayer Photos – Portrait

Cosplayer Photos – Landscape

The day won’t be as fun without my two siblings coming with me to the event. They’re amazing and I love them both :3 They have their own awesome blogs too: visit threesmittenkittens.com (Aki’s blog) and tactitianjenro.blogspot.com (Joey’s blog).

My brother Joey and Sister Aki.  Aren't they cute?

My brother Joey and Sister Aki. Aren’t they cute?


By the way, the next cosplay on our calendar is Toycon 2014 on December.  You’ll catch me there as Yuna, and of course Aki and Joey will be with me. ;) See you Flaring Feliciters!

Bloggers’ Event Philippines: Laguna Blogging Summit

Laguna Blogging S

Laguna Blogging Summit is scheduled on October 3, 2014 at the Malayan College Auditorium in Cabuyao, Laguna.  This is the third summit set to empower bloggers with a roster of social influencers as speakers:Pocholo Gonzales (Creative Voices), Boris Joaquin (Saddleback church), Janette Toral (Digital Filipino), Grace Nicolas (Empowered Grace), Art Samaniego (Manila Bulletin), Rod Magaru (The Rod Magaru show) and Lloyd Luna (Motivational Speaker).

Registration is only P200 visit Filipino Bloggers Worldwide’s website or email gracenicolas@yahoo.com

XOXO See you at the event! XOXO – Jonah Chipeco

Dekada Glorietta: Filipino Food Trip

Dekada in Glorietta 3 is a must visit place if you’d like to celebrate Filipino cuisine with your friends and family.  I was invited to dine at the restaurant for the first time last week and had a good experience.

First thing I noticed was the interior of the restaurant which seemed like a mini-museum.  There are various memorabilia which you can take a look while waiting for your meal to be served.

Now let’s go to what you were looking forward to see: Filipino food!  Dekada, is the Filipino translation of decade – and presents traditional Pinoy dishes at its best.

Most of us in the group ordered refreshing dalandan and watermelon juice (named Cardinal Sin on the menu) while waiting for food to be served.  Soon after, a surprising platter of Filipino favorite dishes was served before us by friendly Dekada waiters. By the way, I noticed their name tags has nationalistic Filipino names on it, too (i.e. Ibarra, Makisig) .

Refreshing fruit juices served in jars!

Refreshing fruit juices served in jars!

Magtagumpay platter: all your favorite dishes for sharing!

Magtagumpay platter has all your favorite dishes for sharing!

Dekada’s Magtagumpay platter serves all time Filipino favorites: kare-kare, talong at bagoong with kangkong, hipon, krispy pata, lechon manok, daing na bangus at sinangag.  The platter is good for 6-8 persons and priced Php2,199 on the menu.

P.S. “Magtagumpay” is one of the passwords used by the Magdalo revolutionaries during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines.  It was a secret word then, but this platter deserves to be out in the open. Try it! At pwedeng magkamay!

Last served by Dekada, but not missed out by sweet-lovers like me – DESSERTS!  Pichi pichi and halo halo everyone! XD

 Mabuhay ang pagkaing Pinoy!  (Long live Filipino Food)


Nomnom Club

Thank you Dekada Glorietta, and my new friends from nomnomclub.com for sharing this food adventure with me.  More to come! – Jonah Chipeco