Fill Your Life with Love and Inspiration

Thanks for stepping into my online space, Flaring Felicity. My blog gathers women who wishes to be in their feminine side once in a while – detach from the corporate jungle that they’re in,   and just thank life for the beautiful things around her!

If taking a break is challenging for you because you feel the lack of time or become conscious with the need to spend, I have you in mind while I create my posts. I believe that we don’t need to own expensive wardrobe or go to luxury travels to relax and be happy.   You’ll find here ways you can make wonderful memories  using a touch of creativity.

I love nature.. (taking photos of flowers whenever I see one), social gatherings (event organizer here!), arts,  food (fan of reality shows for chefs ), music and dressing up (shopping in thrift stores).  And yes, I take a break through writing here, too.

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Felicity is a happiness you feel when you experience contentment and freedom. I described felicity with the other word “flaring” (bursting or flamed up) to illustrate that this quiet confidence that we exude can give warmth and touch other people’s lives.


Much love,




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