My desire to blog started here.

I had an extraordinary week.  Lists of things to do are unending as usual but surprises caused me to pause and get refreshed as I hear insights from people I meet within a busy day.  I regard them as DAILY TEACHERS who remind me of things which are important in life… yes, even more important than those which has to be accomplished – targets, goals etcetera.

 We had an activity at Greenbelt Park last Wednesday,  and I missed having my second photo with Marc Nelson and a solo shot with Miriam.  Staying late and working for events instead of taking photo ops with the celebs sometimes still urges me to be a bit ungrateful.  Walking somewhere near outside my work area (or eating) would ease stress and keep my cool.  My trip to McDonalds to isolate myself for dinner led me to Kuya Nonoy Floresca after months that we haven’t met.  Now that encounter was “a relief”.  Unconsciously, Kuya Noy has been a constant encourager and adviser in my work life arena.  He equips me with updates of realities and adventures related with the fundraising field outside my walls.  From a short chat with him, I got inspired to blog and revive my passion for writing.  Despite my seemingly crazy sked it would look impossible to maintain a blog for now, but what the heck – I’ll write and I would blog if I want to and if I have the time.  I was seven or eight years old when I started to write poetry, short stories and even made a novel. I haven’t practiced creative writing ever since after college but writing publishing a book is still part of my dream list.  There are things I’m passionate about which I don’t have the luxury of time (and money) to do.  But passion is still passion, love always finds a way.

 I had a chat this week also with one of my Team Leaders Gani.  Well, it’s not the usual chat because we’re having our performance appraisal.  Instead of me giving out pieces of encouragement, it was him who turned out to bless me instead.  He shared about how passion is related with sacrifice.  Citing Passion of the Christ as an example – The Lord was passionate for his people, thus willing to give His life in return.  Passion is not always exciting, it is at times excruciating.  It would require that you move out of your comfort zone.  And I am definitely not within my comfort zone, but hopefully, I should be within my strength zone.  It won’t just rely on my skills but my relationship with people whom I work with – may it be my superiors or direct reports. I thank God for Che, Gani, Ken and Tosh and I also look forward to how my new bosses would help strengthen me in my role within our organization. I’m blessed to have Billie Abata, Jun Godornes and Minnie Portales to back me up.    I’m thankful for free consultations I could avail from them in the future, not just in work but even in life (and in love) .

 Any task gets easy with clear instructions from a teacher.  Any game requires a coach if you would like to be the best player (Yes, still applicabe for playstation games, unless you use cheat codes).Wisdom and knowledge knocks in front of our door steps every day and it’s for free.  I happened to get to attend Salt and Light and Learning Curve’s Rich Dad Asia Seminar at Crowne Plaza yesterday, thanks to Shirley Kimmayong who gave me her extra pass.  More than the speaker, I learned from group sharing I had with my table-mates (tama ba ang term).  I was amazed myself how I am now able to contribute ideas in the field of finance- from networking, to business and investing.  Thanks to personal study and privileges given for me to learn.  I even had a chance to meet Jeric Lee in the seminar  (No he’s not a celebrity related with Bruce Lee), aside from contributing to a follow-up lecture from my book reading, he’s one of those who recently inspired me to clarify my personal goals and find myself teachers who will guide my journey.

 Authors who contributed to my ideals would be countless, and it would be hard to enumerate them since I don’t memorize their names.  But people whom I could talk to, and is willing to listen have greater impact in bringing out the best in me.  I’m sharing my appreciation to Mr.  Neil Tan, Pastor Boris Joaquin, Pastor Raul Rodriguez, Pastor Fort Fortu,  Kuya Jao Jaucian, Ma’am Violy Tabin,  Sister Roselyn, my mother and, the many people who served as my informal discipler (if you’ve been tagged it means you’re one of them).  I thank the Lord that even without seeking; He has provided these great men and women to my path.  I often find myself not having a strong commitment to be taught but I value having people accountable and contributing for my growth in different areas of my  life. 

 The Greatest Teacher would be the Holy Spirit, and He can also be my Lover, my Father and my friend.  I found a new adventure in seeking Him as my mentor every day.  And I can expect nothing but the best.   10.20.11


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