RECAP:Event Blasts for 2011, Sights and Sounds

Reminiscing Concert @ Manila Polo Club

Music brings memories – that of childhood, romance, tragedy or adventure.

Last October 18, I was brought to a journey of different ages and emotions brought by soundtracks of remarkable movies from the cinema. 

 Reminiscing Concert Series,  was presented by Artefice Events featuring premiere classical balladeer Bo Cerudo and international singer-actress Stephanie Reese.  Artefice is a newbie in the events industry but its previous shows with artists such as Jed Madela, Richard Poon and The Company has gained the interest of classical and ballad music enthusiasts.

Bo and Stephanie were joined in the center stage by the remarkable Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.   MPO started the show with a ten-minute treat of instrumental ensemble.  After the sumptuous buffet dinner, I was all set to just listen and relax.  A duet rendition from Bo and Reese of the song “Say a Little Prayer” followed soon after.    I couldn’t help but sing along and instantly, scenes from one of my favorite movies My Bestriend’s Wedding flashed in my mind.  The ambience of the grand ballroom at the Manila Polo club allowed my imagination to drift.   The lights merely coming from the centerpiece candles on the guests tables gave an intimate feeling to the occasion.

 Highlights of Stephanie’s performances include her version of My Heart Will Go on (Titanic), Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz), God Bless the Outcast (Hunchback of Notradame) and medleys of Evita’s You Must Love Me and Don’t Cry for Me Argentina which I loved most.  I also appreciated her singing one of her song choices “Halleluiah” which happened to be in the soundtrack of Shrek.

 Bo’s performances comprised of song choices from movies of the 70’s and 80’s (titles which I couldn’t recall because of the generation gap.  I’m really sorry).    The audience was thrilled when he went down the stage to look for people to sing with him.  His picks from OPM soundtracks was also refreshing.  “Maala-ala Mo Kaya” was like a national anthem during that night which Pinoy’s from the crowds could relate with.

 Bo and Reese ended the two-hour show with the song Come What May, still from Moulin Rouge.  In between  the program, former theatre actress Cris Villonco also performed solo acts and a couple of duet numbers with Bo such as “Something Stupid”, sung by Frank Sinatra then later on covered by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman from the same movie.

 Reminiscing Concert is the first of series of themed concerts to be organized by Artefice Events Management.  Event was for the benefit of survivors from Typhoons Quiel and Pedring assisted by World Vision Philippines.


Bo Cerudo (center in grey suit) with WV representatives

me, Stephanie Reese and Ate Minnie (WV Public Engagement Director)

Mr&Mrs. Teresa Kong of Artefice (3rd and 4th from left) with WV representatives.


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