How’s your heart?

I heard him softly whisper: “How’s your heart, Jonah? Is it still mine?”

There are just questions like this that leaves me blank for seconds. I could not pull-off witty words from my brains, I had to stop and feel ,than think. I admit I’m used to doing the thinking than feeling most of the time. Feeling requires a certain stillness that I still have to master.

So He gave me some time to figure things on my own. For some days, my vision was filled with circumstances I can’t control nor explain. My emotions went upside down.. my head got squeezed… My body tired out and even got sick. I was waiting for sparks of hope to light the night but couldn’t just see it. After weeks of my unrest, He finally spoke.


Don’t let your eyes fool you. Your ways ARE NOT my Ways… and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. What appears to be a mess or unacceptable in your sight and others’ may be something precious. I can use it to mold you in what I want you to become. It can be something good; you will see it!

If you listen closely to me… I will tell you. Listen ONLY TO ME.. not what others will say. But being with others are important, too, you know. You may be able to see yourself in them. Sometimes I reveal myself thru them. But I will be the one to tell you what’s right and what is best. You will know as I walk with you that I am Consistent.

Of course YOU WOULDN’T ALWAYS UNDERSTAND. And I’m not obliged to explain to you. But ALL THINGS work for the good of those whom I love – all for my PURPOSE. So it’s according to my terms. You will know my plans and the way I want it done. Of course, I wouldn’t mind you negotiating with me. You can voice your needs. By the way, you’re becoming good at that.

Let me remind you, I am your Lord. ENTRUST your external circumstances to Me. It’s well taken cared of. Yes, even that area – which I know often causes tears in your eyes. And that dream you always pray about. And your complains about this… your frustrations about that… I KNOW. I SEE YOU. I feel your joys and your pain. I know what breaks your heart… I listen to every prayer. I keep watch of you during the night and I pray for you. Believe me, I am doing something about it. Wait ’til I surprise you in time.

My beloved, the only thing I ask of you.. is that you keep guard of your heart. It’s your ONLY treasure. Things around you will fade.. people may fail you. But it’s your heart and our relationship which will strengthen you thru all these. It’s My dwelling place. You may not have a home or riches here on earth – same with Me. But you have an eternal place in heaven made to last.

Your heart is my door to You. Allow me to come in.

Your heart is the cup where I can pour my love.

I want to lavish my love on you until it overflows.

I want you to SEEK ME… and keep your heart open.. and be receptive to Me.

I also want to be pursued 😉

You have all the love you need in there – more than you can imagine.

Just have faith and feel it. And remember, that I have always loved you.


 I mentioned before that I could bear not hearing from Him for short minutes everyday if in exchange I could have a long day to be with Him and just be filled with revelations. And so I realized these words today after He took me aside because of the rain.

This time I’m thinking I’d rather spend time with the Lord every day and have Him teach me day by day.. than experience depression for a week or two and not hearing from Him. But then again, He has His own way of dealing and revealing His wisdom with each one – according to how we learn best.

I know the precious gems He says will be worth keeping, reflecting and sharing to you – my dear friend. Keep your heart open, and yes – let’s take care of our hearts.


1 thought on “How’s your heart?

  1. Reblogged this on Flaring Felicity and commented:

    “I will be the one to tell you what’s right and what is best. You will know as I walk with you that I am Consistent.”

    We all need a heart check from time to time.

    I came across my blog post from 2011 when I opened a file on my laptop. I’m having the same feeling when I wrote this years ago. I find it timely and worth sharing. Hope you find this post relevant to your condition, too.

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