My 11 Stories of 2011, Trinkets of Treasures

I won an iPhone 4!!!

I was invited to a hawaiian themed Christmas party last night.  Was excited and looked for my costume a couple of days before.  Sister Aki even came to my office with some fashion finds from home… and yes we explored some shops at SM to find a Hawaiian dress.  I texted friends if they can bring other clothes as option.  Well, I ended up wearing a perfectly fitting dress from my own closet. 

First lesson learned, Look inside your closet before seeking for outside stuff.  You might find things which will be useful for you.  This advise is not just for fashion, but life as well 😉

Now I’ve got a dress.  I need an escort to the event. Top of mind companion is Kuya Nonoy Floresca – he know’s the event organizer and can give me names of familiar faces.  I know this is a business engagement, but I was starting to think – if I have my prince around by now I would definitely love him to join me for occasions like this! 

The event at Wack-wack golf & country club happened to be a dance party filled with jazzy music – as the program started and people started to move from their dining tables to the dance floor, I became a bit envious.  “Kuya Nonoy, can we dance?”  My heart sank a bit, my companion don’t know how to dance.  I joked around a bit – “Kuya if I knew this was a dance party, nagyaya ako ng marunong sumayaw.”

A few moments and Kuya Nonoy I noticed a guy approached our table – tall, good stance, dressed nicely.  And yes, he’s about to dance “boogie” with me.   A bit scary – I can do chacha or swing, this is a new tune for me.  “I’m not a good dancer.  But I want to dance.”, I exclaimed.

 As always, my Lover never fails to let me enjoy and provide good companions.  He always sends guy friends to assist me when needed (i just remembered Jigs helping me do the grocery when mom got sick).  Being single for a long time, I have learned that happiness for me is not dependent on whether I’m with someone or not.

So Mr. Boogieman and I finished an entire song dancing – after he taught me some moves I easily got.  Partner with a good dancer and you’ll appear to be as graceful as he is.  Dancing, like relationships require someone to take the lead.

Now here’s the funny part – Mr. Boogieman was one of “The” dance instructors. No wonder he asked me to dance 🙂   


My story doesn’t end here yet.  The clock ticked, my part in the program just got finished.  I asked my companion if we could already go home.

“Not yet Jonah, we’re gonna win in the raffle.”

I was convinced when I heard the grand prizes for the night-   Cherry mobiles, an iphone, an ipad, an LCD TV.  Worth the wait, i thought.  I really got excited, because I’m getting the feeling that I’m going to win.

Minor prizes were drawn,  mostly close to my stub number 1311.

“Sayang Jonah, sablay ulit”, kuya Nonoy uttered.

“Kuya Noy, it’s the major prize I’m going to win.”

And so my faith, and my verbal confession came into fruition.


It may appear to you as over reacting but I walked thru the stage to claim my prize teary eyed.  I was overjoyed, I couldn’t keep myself from hugging the emcee.  As a guest, it was a gift I thought i don’t deserve but would most welcomely embrace.

Good things come to those who wait.

 I became so inspired on how the Lord treats me with undeserved love and grace.  And I am most grateful for the childlike attitude he gives, for the pleasure he lets me find in simple things.

Which reminded me, on the way to the event venue, i was riding a cab with a colleague.  He asked what gift I want for Christmas.  I could not think of material things – a simple “santan flower” will do.

Before I publish this blog, I just got another gift.

 A casing to match the phone 🙂

Oh… my smiles just won’t fade for today.

Glory to My King.


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