Flaring Felicity: The Heart of the Blog


Flaring Felicity – I get asked a lot why I named my blog this way.  Believe me, it took me more than a day to figure out how I’ll call this site.  Naming a website is more difficult than you think.  I like playing with rhyming words, and I’m fascinated with the letter “F” (stands for fashion, food, favorite, fabulous, fun and all other fantastic stuff) so my mind bumped into the word Felicity.  And then, I fell in love with its meaning. Like magic.

Felicity is a happiness you feel when you experience contentment and freedom.  And yes, felicity is the vibe I want YOU to encounter as you come across my blog.  I described felicity with the other word “flaring”, which means bursting and flaming up to express my bottled up passion for writing.  I know you can get tongue twisted when you say flaring felicity together. I didn’t mind because it just brings me such an excitement I couldn’t resist.

So, you’ve learned about the name!  Let me just add a few more introduction about the blog.

My name is Jonah, I post here moments in my life when I just feel grateful and awesome!  It doesn’t have to be grand vacations or meals in a fancy restaurant.  I include here simple memories filled with the things I love which I think are worth sharing with you.  In a nutshell, I am into food, fashion, travel, and social events.  My favorite posts are those in the “inspirations” tab which has my insights about life and love. Please take a peak at those and tell me what you think.  I love exchange of comments and conversations.

But wait, Let me warn you that this site is under reprogramming and improvements all the time.  Needed to do that to keep the *SPARK* going. So the look and everything else here may change from time to time. Hehe.

Thanks for dropping by. Muah Muah!! XOXO – Jonah


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