My 11 Stories of 2011, Trinkets of Treasures

Close Encounters with Celebrities

For my 3rd post on my featured 11 Stories for 2011, I’m giving you a peek on my Top 7 close encounters this year with celebrities.

7.Bobby Yan – Bobby hosted for Markince Royal Prince and Princess at Enchanted Kingdom where I was invited as guest judge.

Bobby Yan, handsome and princely in white.

 6.Tambalan DJs– I just love being with Nicolehyala, Kris Tsuper and other Love Radio DJs. They’re so fun to be with and knowing them personally made them even more interesting.   What’s great about having them as acquaintance gives me an instant on-air greeting each time I text.

Tambalan DJs Nicolehyala and Chris Tsuper

5. Tippy Dos Santos – Tippy’s a budding Star Magic talent.  We spent half of the day last February at SM North Annex where she volunteered to distribute Child Sponsorship flyers among mall goers. She also sang Halo beautifully while staying in our booth to catch the attention of those passing by. Tippy’s a sweet girl, and I admired her performance as Wendy for the musical show Peter Pan – shown this year as well with Sam Concepcion.

with pretty Tippy

4.Tintin Babao – World Vision partnered with her Christmas celebrity and charity bazaar wherein we auction celebrity items among bazaar goers. Ms. Tintin is one cool and beautiful mom. I love her “mega” smile and generous heart.

My photo with Tintin Babao and an auction buyer of Iza Calzado's bag. This photo appeared on Philippine Star. See link below.

3. Chris Tiu – I was able to chat with this cute chinito guy while he’s preparing for his 12-hour Famine photo shoot. He scores three points in my heart for his wits. 

Sorry, my photo with him's in my other laptop...

 2. Sam Milby – I hosted a program at Greenbelt 3 for a Celebrity Meet and Greet and was able to interview him. I wasn’t attracted to him from a distance but I started to melt when his eyes stared at me.

I can't help but smile XD

1. Christian Bautista. Ehem. I need a separate post for this story.

Singing one of his songs during a mall show at SM North for his movie premiere of “A Special Symphony”, he walked down from the stage to the audience area. People were screaming, approaching him for photos. From a distance, I saw him looked at me in the eye. Shortly, I found him walking towards me singing “Beautiful Girl”. Effortless for me (or it may have something to do with the uniform I’m wearing). Then I was speechless; yet managed to pose while his arms are on my shoulders and have a colleague take a picture of us.

Now where’s my photo of that moment with Christian Bautista!? (Calling the attention of Grace and Wendy)  Yah… I sort of lost the photo.

At least the autographed CD's still with me


Annual Celebrity and Charity Bazaar

Tambalan DJs birthday treat

Peter Pan Musical

12 hour Famine


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