The Gift I Wrapped for you this Christmas

Christmas for me this year is different.  I didn’t have gifts prepared for all my office colleagues unlike last year, though I was able to manage baking macaroons for some (thanks to Aki and Nanay) and bought tiny key chains for my staff.  I intend to give cash gift instead to my inaanaks (Yes, go claim yours from Ninang Jonah).  It’s valid that you call me busy to go shopping; or just thrift because I need to be saving for next year’s expenses.

You just might be after what my heart is longing for this season as well – not the material things but simply celebrating it with people I love or sensing the deeper meaning of it.  But Christmas for me without giving is incomplete.  Giving is my love language – and I always want to have something to wrap, or something I could write at least for distant loved ones.

Hence, l searched for special blessings and selected special people in my heart, specifically those who shared special moments with me this year, whom I wanted to give one of these gifts for Christmas. I’ll be glad to imagine that you’d take it from me with a smile.

The Gift of Presence

*I want to wrap this gift for my family and friends in other countries.  I know I can’t send over presents now, but my prayer is that God’s ministry of presence will always be with you.  People to comfort you when you’re discouraged; and strengthen you during times of loneliness.

*I remember Carlo, Vinna, Adrian, Ate Mhonsky, Rochelle,VJ and Judith –take care always and may God bless the works of your hands.  Auntie Mher, I’m excited to hang out with you.

*Vanessa, I’m so thankful for having met you over dinner this year.  I got inspired with what God has accomplished thru you so far.

* Tatay, extend my deepest love for relatives who’ve nurtured you while you’re there in the States.

Nanay, I’m looking forward to be present when you need me.  I know I’ve missed some events this year when you asked me to go with you.

The Gift of Passion

*Aki and Joey, I am so blessed with having talented siblings in both of you!  My prayer is that we just overflow with passion and see no boundaries in what we can do as a family, and what you can achieve individually.

* To my guy friends Olan, Jay, Gelo, Aaron, Anthony, Mike, RJ, Erwin, Jigs, Raymond- I’m whispering a prayer to God for you to have continuous passion on what He wants to accomplish thru you.  Passion seeks, and acts courageously.  Benson, Christian and Carlo – stay passionate with your future brides!  Congratulations in advance.

The Gift of Purpose

Toshy, Ken, Gani, and Che– thank you for staying with our team thru tough times this year.  My prayer for us is to always have a sense of purpose with what we do. We already have the passion, let’s stay focused next year for our purpose wherever the Lord leads us to be.  Car, we’re excited to have you with us.  Arvin, remember that your purpose should be geared towards pleasing God in the end.

The Gift of Peace

Sept, how was the wedding?  Thanks for not hesitating to contact me to join you at the wedding expo.  My prayer is for peace to abound as we settle areas in our hearts longing for intimate relationships . Same with you Donna and Mabel.  And you too Jiggs!


The Gift of Prudence

My girl buddies Beryl and Berline – I know both of you are prudent already.  My prayer is that God will help you continuously grow whatever gifts and resources you have right now.  Same goes to my beautiful officemates Alex, Gerell, Anna and Ems.

The Gift of Perseverance

Jun and Billie – thanks for not giving up.  Sister Roselyn, thank you for not giving up on me.  Auntie Eva, thank you for your hardwork and kakulitan that brought us to a closer relationship with Christ 11 years ago.  To my prince, I’ll keep praying that you persevere as you seek my heart.  Everything will fall into place in time.


 To all my relatives and loved ones unmentioned, I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas, too.  I am looking forward to spend time and exchange stories with you this 2012.  I’m excited on how we can encourage,inspire and enjoy one another.

 Quote ni Nanay kanina: Mas ramdam mo ang pasko pag nagbibigay ka, kaya pag tumatanggap ka. Tama! But that doesnt excuse me from receiving tangible gifts I could have from you when we meet again, especially those who mentioned here.

Few hours left before Noche Buena, I’d still have to cook.  Now I’m thinking of blogging about food next 🙂

Merry Christmas!


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