My 11 Stories of 2011

Reunited (and it feels so good)

Every year, aside from Christmas, I see to it that I take time to meet with former friends and classmates for mini-reunions.  You may consider me a sentimental sister for doing this.  Yes, I still keep letters and photos from way back elementary days and save memorable text messages as long as I could.  (Let me post another blog soon with photos of archived items from my “baul”) It’s just hard to get over with good times spent with those who have made an “imprint” in my heart.  🙂  ❤ (Oh no, I just remembered Jacob…)

Just wanted to post his pic here XD

Anyway, here are random photos of moments I treasure with friends for 2011.  (Thanks for dropping by my blog Jacob XD)


March 2011, me and some of my high school friends from MHS rented an exclusive resort at Pansol Laguna to have some good bonding time.  It’s been a long time (Years!) since I was able to join them during gatherings.  I somehow missed them  since I moved to Caloocan. 

Ultimate lesson sa lakad nito: “Kung gusto mong matuloy ang lakad, maghanap ng mag-tsa-challenge na isang malaking drowing ito!”  More of my realizations posted thru!/note.php?note_id=202365923107809.  (my facebook note entitled Mga Natutunan ko)

Special thanks to Axel Cabarles for arranging this adventure.  Sorry. I couldn’t make it for today’s Christmas Party.


Another trick in making get-togethers happen is having less time of planning.  A text message from Monica allowed TVCC to meet this year at TriNoma.  They’re my barkada (brought together by fondness of anime)  from way back 2nd year high school in San Sebastian.  It was a time of “kainan,kantahan,at kodakan” with Jeff, Melody,Monica and Marlon.  We also met former classmate Melinda Calumpad while having dinner.  Angela and Roye, we missed you both!

Last time I could recall we spent time together was at Gateway last.. 2006? or 2004.  Guys, kailan ba kinuha ang picture na ito:

Lets travel forward from highschool to college.  My Jesus League companions just couldn’t skip a year without meeting.  This 2011, we had a quarterly meeting (nyak, meeting talaga ng mga officers ito) to discuss about various agenda:  (Mabelle’s) career, random lovelife stories, stocks and finances at kung anu-ano.  We have series of photos which Mabelle and I tagged as “Evolution” because we can trace how we grow beautifully as years go by thru these pics. Our time together won’t be complete without taking photos of the “4-JL super heroes”

This December, Meach and Des also joined our fellowship at SM Mall of Asia.  It was a post birthday treat as well to our guys – Gelo and Jason.  Thanks for the “snap shot” of the photo below Mabs!


Aside from friends and former classmates, I was able to meet with a relative Sister Marion with my brother Jose.  It was a great time sharing stories with a lola whom we met for the first time.  Hearing stories about the time she spent with my dad in the U.S was one of the best gifts we got this year.

Joey,Lola Marion and me at Good Shepherd's.

Grateful that I was able to squeeze in random “dates” after work hours this 2011 with these lovely men and ladies:

Berline @ Bagaberde and Chateau Elysse.  Sep @ Themes and Motifs SMX.  Vinna @ G-Hotel.  Bery @ Tri Noma.  Chan at SM North (with his fiancee). Olan @ Red Ribbon Q.Ave.  Carlo @ SM North.  Saying HI also to Vanessa, thanks for the dinner treat @ TriNoma; Keith @ Pancake House and Ayen @ SM Sta Rosa. Jaypee @ ROG Galleria.


TIP FOR THE NEW YEAR:Your future is about people not projects or accomplishments. Current relationships tend to maintain stability; new relationships disrupt. Treasure both. Source:

This quote from a wordpress blog which I follow reminded me that taking time to CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS should be included in my 2012 calendar. There are reunions I missed this year and some did not push thru.  Bawi ako sa 2012!  Cheers for our friendship 😉


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