The Path by Lorie Beth Jones

This book served as a follow through guide for series of Proof Nights I attended.  PROOF is a ministry of young professionals gathering once a month in Makati  for fellowship and sharing of scriptural application in real lfe.  Check out their facebook page: PROOF (Professional Ministry)!/groups/215556995156268/

 My first night attending PROOF last July or August, the speaker tackled the topic “Creating Your Vision and Mission statement.”  I had my own statement written for about 5 years ago, yet I admit that as time flies, you’ll discover that this is still subject to revision. We are being molded as we grow wiser (dislike the term older) and in the process one’s passion, preferences and priorities change.

 That same night after attending PROOF, I found the book “The Path” on top of the dining table at the boarding house where I am staying.  Hmm, I knew seeing it there was not an accident.  I immediately borrowed it from my land lady for my personal reading the next morning.

I digested the book for more than a month; squeezing insights it could give me and answering thought provoking questions provided by the author as exercises.  It was even my companion during the night of typhoon Pedring and Quiel when I’m forced to stay at home.  That time I saw sharp images of what I want to be doing in the future, and seeing how my past and current situation could be possibly my preparation for that dream.

My favorite exercise in the book is drawing a shield containing 4 symbols of skills, passion, past experiences and traits I will use to fulfill my mission.  I chose to use the following symbols:

  • Musical note:  represents my love for music came out even during my childhood days.  My dad would make me sing in parties with my mini cassette toy.  He bought me a mini piano where I easily learned to play “Twinkle Twinkle.” little star.  I even started to write songs at the age of eight.
  • Pen and microphone:  symbolizes communication in the forms of writing and public speaking.I took Mass Communication in college because of my natural flair for both.
  • Connected dots: stand for planning activities and connecting people to achieve a common goal.  I am most fulfilled seeing a team work together, using their individual sets of skills to fulfill a task.
  • Heart: a heart means passion and commitment for my personal faith and values.  Skills and experience alone would not make up a strong shield.

I’d like to keep my mission and vision unpublicized for now, but ut’s upto you to figure out what you can come up with from the symbols I identified 🙂

You may also check out the author’s Eight Action Steps in the book which I found really helpful:

1)  Get the facts.  Learn about your mission field.

2)  Get a goal.  Trim down your mission statement.  Choose the single, nost important task.

3)  Examine, Educate and Enlist your Resources.

4)  Turn old business into new business. Which contacts, talents or passion in the past could you reawaken.

5)  Give people something tangible to remember you by. Like handwritten letters I wrote for college and highschool friends which they still remember me by 🙂

6) Break rules.  Be Bold. As long as you’re doing right (ah, I don’t want a debate now) try things you wanted to do before with 10x the courage.

7) Get visible.

8) Lastly, Saturate everything you do in prayer.


I had a testimony to make about my new found book the next month we met again at PROOF.  And what’s even funnier, the same week followed and I found a photocopy of The Path’s manuscript while cleaning files in the office. Okay, It was meant for me to study this and to eventually share the book to others, I thought.  Go get one at your nearest bookstore and get a copy.  Reading it will be a good way to start the year.

Photo taken during first PROOF meeting in Makati
with Proof buddies Donna, Ochie and Nes.               Taken at McDo Greenbelt 1

 More reviews thru this link:


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