Kwek-Kwek con Keso

Here’s my twist of the Pinoy delicacy Kwek-Kwek (boiled quail eggs in orange batter) also known as “tukneneng”.  My mom and I bought some in the streets and decided to make our own version with vegies in it.  Thanks for absence of food coloring in our kitchen – i thought of adding cheese powder,too.  Now cheese powder has some other use aside from french fries to match the family’s movie time.

Ingredients and Procedure:

For the batter, mix all purpose flour, chopped vegies (carrots,cabbage, onion,garlic),water and 1 egg in a bowl.  Add the cheese powder to colour, and to salt and pepper to flavor.

*Note: I do not have standard measurement, add in ingredients according how you want it to taste.  But for consistency, 1 egg and about 1/4 cup of water is good for 4heaping spoons of  flour.

Of course, we will need some quail eggs.  Please peel the skin…

and soak in your batter until it absorbs flavor and your egg gets coated with the mixture.

Scoop in the egg coated with mixture; Deep fry in a pan.  Drip in using a spoon while frying to keep the rounded shape.

Tip: the thinner the coating, the crispier it will get. The photo above used thicker coating – it’s more flavorful and less crispy, but i prefer the fried chicken-ish golden brown kwek-kwek below… 

Loved munching on the vegies and the subtle taste of the cheese.  Enjoy!

Note: The writer aims to cook and master 25 dish until she turns 26 this March.  Wish me luck and watch out for more posts 😉


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