Comfort Food

Comfort food and the comfort of my little sister lifted my depressed mood last Sunday… and yah, a little expensive shopping helped 🙂 Thanks mom for allowing me to use my credit card again.

So after hours of thinking where we will dine-in, we stepped in at The French Baker (a local bakeshop / restaurant in the Philippines).

I ordered Chicken-Ala-King because i craved for creamy food. Now the bread made the difference in this dish, Pinoy’s usually serve this with rice.  And that gave an added texture, making it more interesting.  The meal had just the right flavor. Filling.  This is something I could prepare at home.

My sister Aki ordered a plate of lasagna (she wanted to cook this dish for Christmas, but we failed to find pasta at the nearest grocery).  I prefer my lasagna to be cheesy, this one has “herby” taste.  Aki described the flavor as “earthy”, in a good way.

Aki taking photo of her lasagna.

Now I just bought lasagna pasta for us to cook this Friday.  Excited for my leave! 

Eventually I have to think about stress-busting activities aside from eating and shopping.  Where’s my work-out shoes!?

check out French Baker’s site.


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