Swiss Chocolate Surprise

New year surprised me with this box as post-Christmas gift which I resisted to open for a few days until I’d be able to share it with people I love.

The sight of the box, even without seeing yet what’s inside made me excited.  Who wouldn’t love chocolates?!  Swiss chocolates!!!

Hence, to celebrate this milestone, we held our family’s first chocolate-tasting party for the year.  I hope you wouldn’t mind me share a large photo of this (so i could give you the sense of love-for-chocolate-feeling I’m having now):

Oh my… oh my..oh my…  I can still recall that last chocolate piece I had from this box.  Makes me wanna go home and take the piece i left inside the fridge.

So, the family – Aki, Joey, mom and I each, selected 6 pieces from this box which appeals to us.  And from our selection, I’ll be trying to find out what our plates tell about our personality.

Three of Aki’s selection comprises of dark chocolates, she prefers the coffee-flavoured ones.  Perhaps because she’s the one who stays up late (til early morning actually) and has the most need for caffeine.  She also dreams of having her own coffee shop.  Aki also likes nutty chocolates with filling,too – like a bar of choquick whe would munch on an ordinary day.  (oh no! there’s no photo of the local choquick here in the net.  should post one soon).  All of us prefers white chocolate, so expect all our plates to have one piece of that. 

It took mom the shortest time to select her chocolate pieces.  She selected 3 rounded chocolates, 2 elongated ones and a square chocolate.  My genius-sense tells me that this has something to do with her fixed priorities.  Rounded chocolates represent others.  Elongated ones represent family.  The square one, God.

Now Joey’s chocolates are not even on a plate, because he’s the messy one.  It took the longest time for him to choose the chocolates and he preferred to arrange it this way, and was the one who took this photo even.  He longs for adventure and wants things to be done extraordinarily.  He wanted to preserve special moments, like how he wanted NOT to eat these chocolates and just keep them in the fridge as souvenir.

Now my plate speaks about balance, and orderliness.. and value for pairing:  two chocolates with nuts, two chocolates with filling, two of the same white color, two square ones.  Ah, i dont understand yet what I meant when I mentioned pairing.  Perhaps togetherness, or the strength of one complementing the other.  Or simply love in the midst of balance. ❤

 We got our shares of joys alone by simply choosing chocolates and seeing them, it was even more fun when you get to bite it. And thats how life is, I guess. 

Sorry, Verdict on our top choices on the best-tasting ones from this box of chocolate will be for part two.  Maybe because Joey hasnt finish his chocolates yet.




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