Childhood Memories

“What was the most unforgettable experience you had with your dad when you were a child?”  An officemate asked me this question, trying to get an idea of  what gift or favor he can give his daughter.  “That would be stargazing, watching the night-sky filled with stars.  He will challenge me if I could count all of them, and see what pictures I could make of the stars – as if they were dots I have to connect.”

I haven’t seen the night-sky filled with stars for a long time until last night.  I could still feel the sense of thrill and excitement I felt when I was a child when I see such awesome view.  Looking at those little diamonds up above remind me of my past, those people who shared moments of staring at the sky for some time with me.  The view captivates my heart to be still in the present; it makes me realize how vast the universe is and how big my God is.  It inspires me to hold on for a bright future not yet within reach but is certainly coming

Little things easily make me happy when I was a child.  I’m not vocal and appreciative in words but I could remember the smile on my face whenever I see flowers on the streets and use them as an ornament.  I’d often pick “santan” near my lola’s house in Cabuyao to make necklaces out of them when I was eight.  Back in Intramuros I would also remember my cousins would get “gumamela” flowers for us to mix with soap and create a bubble-solution.  So sad those trees and those flowers are not where it used to be now. But if I could pick those flowers again, I would still make a necklace out of red santan and squeeze the gumamela to make bubbles.

It was my first time to see white santan flowers at a garden resort in Batangas (at least I could capture a photo of this one, unlike the stars).  Taking some time to admire the beauty of it, along with many other flowers around of different colors frees me from negativity. 

 I don’t have a green thumb like my mom but I certainly have an eye to appreciate nature.  So will I get my hands to do gardening in the future?  Why not.  Maybe.

My fear of heights started when I was little.  It took me longer to climb up slides in the playground and my scream would get louder as my mom or dad would push the  swing to go higher.  I was afraid to balance a two-wheeled bicycle because I was scared of falling.  I don’t remember how I got used to this kind of fear.  But my heart just beats faster even as I go up mall escalators now that I’m an adult. .  I realized parents making kids trust them at an early age in little stuff like this is important. 

When I took hold of this photo of me in the swing, I thought: “Oh no, I’m too big now yet can’t still swing myself higher!”  But maybe I would some time.  I would keep on overcoming those childhood fears, just like when Berline and I tried the zipline.  Or when Mabelle and Vinna hypnotized me to ride the ferris wheel.  Someday I’ll be able to control my nerves.


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2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. very nice blog post and very nice pictures. suggestion: you can place your water mark a little lower so it will not get in the view. 🙂

    1. Thanks! will improve on the water mark next time 😉

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