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Pick A Shoe

I received a pair of shoes as surprise gift last night.  No occasions.  I just happened to be the only person in our boarding house with a huge feet.  My landlady who got this from a balikbayan box couldn’t find an heir having the same size XD.

a surprise gift, matched my taste!

Size 9 or 10 fits me.  And it usually takes me long hours to find my perfect match.  Hearing that the style I want is out of stock (because of the size) is upsetting.  But when I select shoes or wardrobes, I often consider the “initial attraction” with what I want to buy.  I have sets of preference on my mind – when it comes to color, it’s the neutral tone I usually pick, or a red.

gray-knee-high Aldo boots. You're next on my list!

 Last week however, I glanced at this Zanea shoe (photo below) while on my way to a seminar in Makati.  It was “like-at-first-sight.”   This pair was on sale at 400 pesos.  And I was assured that we were meant to be because there’s a pair that fits me.  Total buying time: 15 minutes! 

this Zanea shoe caught my eyes

I really prefer wedged shoes.  I’m 5’6 tall, and I could manage to walk with  2-3 inched heels and not more than that; or  else I’d either intimidate guys for having super height.  (Will you feel that way if I’m taller than you?). 

I wonder if Kultura still has a shoe like this on stock – on sale at P500!

I’m not really good at wearing stilletos.  I’m waiting for my fairy-god-mother to train me how to walk with one.  I don’t wear shoes to impress but I’m really after comfort. 

stilettos? still thinking about it.

They say shoe preferences say something about a lady’s personality.  Well, that’s another story.  

*Note:  I titled the post Pick-A-Shoe because it sounds like Pikachu.  A pokemon character.  I’m  having a hard time picking a title.  XD.

Balikbayan box – what you call a package sent by overseas workers to their families in the Philippines with random items.

Landlady – “manager” or owner of a “boarding house” or an apartment being rented.

Zanea – a shoe brand in the Philippines.  Check out their facebook page Zanea shoes.  I love their brand.  Actress Kris Bernal recently signed as their endorser last December 29, 2011.


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