Heart to Heart

I am fire.

 I am fire – igniting the power and passion of others.  I give warmth on cold and wintry nights and clear the way for new beginnings. – Lorie Beth Jones.

I’m a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I often imagined myself as a water bender.  I admired characters with healing powers in fictional films; and the view of the crystal blue ocean soothes my soul.  I wanted to be a source of calmness, peace and tranquility to people around me.

Katara: The Water Bender from Avatar

Image source: http://arugaisou.deviantart.com/art/Waterbender-Katara-44750175

But for a time now, I have found myself become fire.  The thought of becoming ferocious and possibly burning others still scares me.  Circumstances just demand me to be.  Someone has to be the spark in clearing out old ways to make way for the new. Someone has to heat up relationships for bonds to be stronger.

My Prince of Egypt DVD is one of my favorites.  I’d play it back when I need something inspiring to watch.  When I was in college, I joined a singing competition and even sang the movie’s theme: When you Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.  One of the unforgettable scenes in the movie for me would be Moses’ encounter of the burning bush.  At that point in history, God, The Creator of the Universe, revealed Himself to a man and expressed His outmost desire to release a nation from slavery.  Moses’ response to this encounter was trembling and fear, but He became transformed thru this awesome experience.

I’ve been in a wilderness seeking direction and waiting for my calling to unfold.  I am praying for a burning bush to meet me like Moses, an experience of my Lord that will strengthen me as I step into the path prepared for me.  I have been comfortable for a time, but between the coziness of life offered to me, my eyes saw realities that break my heart.

I will be willing to respond as He leads me to pursue what both our hearts desire.  But before I move forward and conquer my 2012, I need to confirm His agenda.

God used fire as an illustration of who He is – The Great Refiner, The Passionate Lover.  Fire may be seen as destructive, yet its warmth does not just ease the cold but keeps us alive.  As a human being fashioned after His likeness, there is also characteristics of fire within us.  But we must see first our reflection thru the eyes of the Almighty before we can ablaze. – Jonah Chipeco

Note to readers:  This post is my entry to OMF Literature’s competition for Bible Month this January.  They also have an on-going Bible sale.  check their site: http://omflit.com/home/events.php?i=169







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