My First Versatile Blogger Award

I envied my  brother who recently received “The Creative Blogger Award”.  I started to think “how do I get one?” and guessed maybe that it will take me a little more time to be appreciated in the wordpress community by a fellow blogger.  I just started last December 2011, and this is my 2nd month writing posts for Flaring Felicity – my blog and recent hobby.

I was surprised today when I opened the site of The Poet’s Craft and saw my blog on his list of nominees.  And so, I got excited to receive the award and parade it to the universe ;-). I just love recognition!

Now that’s me on top of a narrow hanging bridge (with mineral water bottle in my pocket to show how ready I am for this.)

The second step in accepting the award (First is to acknowledge the giver – Tom Gargano) is to list 7 random things about myself and here it goes:

1. I started to learn playing the piano when I was 8.

2.  I’m still learning to play it now, because my skill had a long time of being idle.  I forgot the notes already.

3.  And so I decided to switch and play keyboards instead, for the meantime.

4.  And I like to sing while playing the instrument.

5.  I love writing songs.  (can i post them here?)

6.  and i play a little guitar, too (minus the F and the B chords)

Last, I have to make 15 nominations to receive this same award.  Wait, I just have to do my research before posting blogs I love.. so ’til my next post XD!  Sorry to leave you hanging, my little sister wants to play Pet Society now – I have to give way, or else…


1 thought on “My First Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on your Award!

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