Trinkets of Treasures

Breakfast Joys

Celebrated a sumptuous heavy breakfast with my room mate Nani today 🙂 

On the menu: Nani’s carbonarra, Jonah’s ham sandwich and hot Milo.

We ended up coming to work late, because we didn’t estimate preparing food and eating them would consume so much time.  You see, I kinda burnt my sandwich but it’s still yummy for me (biased) because of the melted cheese. 

I got excited to wake up in the mornings recently to see what we could have for breakfast and post better pictures of our dishes 😉 hehe.

Louie Mae, we missed you here!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Joys”

  1. hope you didn’t fall asleep at work after eating such a fine looking breakfast….haha It’s breakfast time where I live now…..I think I’ll reach for a piece of that toast…thanks, Jonah…and my best to Nani, too Have a great day!


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