Made to Bounce

I paused for a moment from my work today for inspiration to catch up with my admin works.  A colleague asked me to play with these “stress balls” which we throw at each other from a distance and play catch.  Note:  We made sure not to disturb anyone doing this and start the 3-minute game when the day is almost over, okay?

In the middle of our game, he threw his ball towards the ground making it bounce as high as it could.  I mimicked him and was surprised when mine just hit the ground and did not bounce at all.  

“What’s wrong with this ball!?  Why did it not bounce?”  I suddenly blurted.  Well, it’s a so called stress ball – meant to distress someone thru squeezing.  Jumping up and down is not in its job description.

A few minutes later I turned to silent mode when my creative genius self gushed in with this question:

Isn’t love made to bounce?

It could score a rebound back to you

or to the hands of someone else.

but if it stays out of motion

what’s the point?


2 thoughts on “Made to Bounce

  1. Hi Jonah,
    Very intriguing concept in regards to love. You write inspiring things….I really like visiting your site and I appreciate you visiting and reading some of my silly stuff….hope you have a good, safe new year.


    1. Thanks for appreciating my work. I write inspiring things when I’m inspired 🙂 to spread the inspiration 😉

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