I Saw The Sign

 For a business minded person, engaging for a partnership despite risks would depend on the projected interest rate.  They have eyes to see opportunities and would know if a venture is something worth the investment.  Big or small capital – it doesn’t matter as long as you earn profit.

 It is contrary for people who’ve been employed in the industry of love and relationships. They give without expectations.  Sometimes, just seeing another person smile is enough. There’s just no assurance for return-of-investment even for tycoons. Jim Carrey in the movie Bruce Almighty learned this when even His God-given super power can’t control her girlfriend’s “free will”. 

Easy to control the world, not the heart.

After high school graduation, my father wanted me to take up Nursing; because of opportunities to work in the US.  My mother wanted me to be a lawyer.  I forgot her explanation but she still mentions it until now.  I ended up enrolling in a school convenient for me and took a course which I know I’ll excel at.   At a young age I was drawn to writing and public speaking, hence I chose to be a Mass Communication student at a university a few steps outside my home.  I thank my parents for the freedom to exercise free will that time.  Some are not given a privilege to choose their own path. By the way,  I loved Math when I was a child by the way, but the thought of paper works and numbers all day still drains me. 

 Speaking of accountants – I’m saying a random HELLO to my colleagues from WV Accounting Department tagged in this post– Juvy, Mike, Eds, Elaine,  Lema; and my friends from SSC Roye, Melody and JM!  One BIG Salute to the accountants!

 Now back to story.

 I have a natural preference to work within my comfort zone (who doesn’t?).   But for some reason, my fears get balanced by excitement whenever I explore new things.  The thought of overcoming something you wouldn’t think you’ll be able to accomplish is fulfilling.  I admit I need someone to knock at my door some time and literally rock my world a little (without compromising my values). 

 I’ve remembered an author mention this relevant quote in a book:  I’d rather be a wet-water walker than a dry boat sitter.  I’m opening my doors to the unknown and the uncomfortable this 2012 in response of my Teacher saying “Follow Me.”  I just know the fact that I could trust Him.  And that’s it. 

Innocence would lead us to think that love and relationships is smooth, sweet and filling like a dessert.

It’s actually the main course with different tastes and textures complementing each other.  The delectable experience is just one part of the story usually highlighted in fairy tales.  The chopping and mixing of ingredients and laborious work is often left out.

Love stories happen for a reason.

I often imagine love stories as created to be part of something bigger: a greater purpose.  Just like that of Pocahontas and John Smith.  It was a big disappointment for a fan like me that the heroine ended up with John Rolfe instead in part two of the Disney film.  After sacrifices Pocahontas and John Smith both made for each other, they’re just not meant t be.  Their love story in part 1 happened to save their village and bring unity to two races at war.


The sign of love for me is not that of a heart, made to appear rounded with less edge (as if this were angel wings glued together) but that of a plus sign, a cross.  He’s the sign of what love means and the answer to men and women’s prayers waiting for whom they’re destined to be with, and to be.  What Jesus did on the cross was stubborn- risked up to the last capital, fully submissive to his Father’s will yet determined  to love us as His own without hesitation.

Now, I don’t want my ending paragraph to be predictable.  No, I did not saw yet the sign of “the one” like what you may have been thinking.  It’s this sign below that I saw thru the eyes of faith.  I’ll just end it by reposting it.

 Give your comments below so I could enlist your names as my classmate XD!  Or are you enroled already?


2 thoughts on “I Saw The Sign

  1. This is a great post because it makes the reader look at his or her relationship with life and love, Jonah. I’m thinking about it now…. – tom

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