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Annyeong Korean Dishes!

If you would happen to pass by this yellow sign board of Jang ga nae Korean restaurant along Ortigas, it will be worthy of your time to come in (to eat and enjoy Korean food of course!).  The place is cozy, prices are affordable and their set of korean menu would be interesting enough to explore.  I’m really sorry – I don’t know the exact address, I just recall that it’s a few steps from Octagon Building of San Miguel Avenue.  (Ah! I’m gonna be good at roads and directions soon).

For a person who prefers chicken, pasta and seafood dishes, I haven’t been a fan of Korean food (which I think is mostly beef, pork.. noodles) except for the usual kimchi.  The menu list was totally new for me.  Thanks for the great selections of Jaypee and Analyn, my first korean dining experience was good (Oh no, is this the first!?).  And oh, that grilled chicken I ordered was the best for me (told you I love chicken).  As you see on the photo below, I hardly recalled the name of the meat dishes we ordered.  Thus labelled as pork dish..beef dish hehehe.  Samgeopsal, bulgogi, saeng seong gui and other names of korean dishes are still hard to pronounce (and spell for me).

So from here forward, I’ll be saying more “hellos” to Korean dishes.   And using chopsticks! –  my goodness after long years since dad taught me how to use those, I forgot to use the thing.  Thanks to my high school friends not minding me using spoon  and fork whenever we hang out at Japanese restos.  Argh, Aki!  HELP!!

**Insight alert: I can’t claim to be a lover of food.  I love to eat, but I don’t know what I eat.  To love is to know. Though those I love to eat I try to replicate and cook myself.  Now I also said I love to travel.. but why do I know little about this passion.  Ah!   I really need to give way and make time ..

Calling the attention of Gelo, Mabs and jay – why haven’t we stepped into a korean resto after all these years!?


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