Heart to Heart

An Open Heart

I decided to take a break from starting my morning hurriedly, rushing to work or thinking about what breakfast to eat.  I paused for a prayer and surprisingly, several good news followed throughout the day.

In the evening, I again prayed: thank you God, for being good.

I found Him speak through my heart this way:

Jonah, I’m always good and I never change.  You just need to open your heart to receive my blessings.

If I have more than one heart, maybe a hundred areas with  locked desires and needs to look after, I would imagine some of it still closed and reserved from access of my Master.  He can knock it down to open them but I hold the keys, and He gently asks my permission to get in.

Dear Lord, Make my heart free from pride, and help me open doors in areas of my life where You want to come in. Amen.


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