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Food, Business and Kitchen Gadgets at PIFBEX 2012

Congratulations to TRADECON Inc. for a successful PIFBEX and HORECA expo 2012!  I was able to attend DAY 1 and captured some photos of the activities they had in store for their guests.  Here are some event photos from my IPhone.  Enjoy!

The program started with a ribbon cutting ceremony with the event organizers and Junior Master Chef-Philippines Champion Kyle Adrian Palamos- Imao. 

Looking at my photo with Kyle makes me feel I’m his long lost sister!

Now lets take a look at some interesting exhibits I found staring with Costales Nature Farms.  My mom loves vegetables and herbs, I’m sure that if she’d dropby this booth she will be bringing home fresh lettuce and make us some salad. Visit www.coastalnaturefarms.com for more details:

 Now HEALTHY EATING is IN because more healthy products are being showcased in the food expo.  I found one healthy alternative for your favorite snacks which you may find interesting.  I dropped by the booth of SOYAMI and enjoyed various products made of soya.  They’re looking for business partners as direct sellers, too.  Check www.amsoyami.com for details.


 PIFBEX is also for those interested to get in to the Food Industry as business. The expo showcased a number of franchise options for starters, one is BENGAN foodcart offering packages and creative concepts to market your favorite Pinoy foods: i.e TapsiBee, Banana craze, Lugaw Unlimited and Siomai Dynasty.  Check their site www.bengenfoodcart.multiply.com

From health food, to business, let’s move on to kitchen gadgets!   I checked out one of the latest innovations in juicing after a sales lady invited me to drink pineapple with malunggay juice.  Now we have our own juicer at home, and I wondered if there could be a better one that what we have.  What I liked about Hurom juicer  is that first it’s easy to clean (no need to disassemble, just pour in water!), Next, it can turn your beef or pork to ground meat (and even squeeze coconut meat into coconut milk). It takes slower time to juice your fruits making sure that the nutrients are in.

Modern Innovations Enterprise also demonstrated THERMOMIX, the world’s smallest and smartest kitchen which performs almost the functions of more than ten kitchen appliances: weighing, grating, grinsding, whisking, kneading, cooking, blending and more!  Check their site at www.thermomixphils.com

Now this blog post is not enough to tell you about all the exhibitors including the culinary schools, hotels, caterers and pastry products but perhaps there’s something more you could see at http://pifbex.com/.




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