Heart to Heart, Trinkets of Treasures

12 Years Younger

I had a weird idea on how to celebrate my birthday this year.  Well, for some, going for a solo escapade is not new.  But for consecutive years now my thoughts on how to throw parties and celebrate with families and friends just come automatically when the month of March goes near.  I didn’t have a list of wishes for my special day but just that “one desire” I kept in my heart.  (On second thought, receiving a teddy bear was on my mind because someone promised to give me one.)

My day started checking piled up greetings in my phone inbox and fb wall.  I’m excited to know who remembered my birth date, or at least was reminded by facebook who makes people more thoughtful.  I usually take note who greets me at 12:01 mn when the 29th of March falls.  Those people differ every year, but most of the time their the ones closest to me at the moment.  For 2012, it’s my room mate! (Congrats Louie Mae)

I managed to cook my breakfast, and to my surprise I got my first and only  gift that day at the dining table.  It was heaven-sent, because I did not prepare any devotional material to bring.  I decided to be spontaneous and not to plan for a change, and this seems to be the perfect book for me.

Aboard the bus, I became extra happy when Sailor Moon happened to be shown on TV.  I remembered the “old days” when I draw sailor moon characters from my card and sticker collection, and go to Monica’s place after school to watch the show with TVCC.  Guess what, Naruto followed Sailor Moon! I just missed DVD marathons with Aki and Joey, I didn’t have time to take so long in front of “the box” nowadays, aside from being with “Tosh” (the laptop, borrowing the name from Maricar’s).  The bus conductor could have been an anime fan, he switched the channel to GMA to watch Mojacko, Slam Dunk and Knock out after!

Looking out the bus window, the rain started to pour in.   But it didn’t cause me any worry.  A van right next to our bus has two kids as passengers, both the boys around age 6 were smiling at me.  They will make faces every now and then, I’d catch them looking at me and make a funny face myself.

Im usually a “girl scout” and bring as many things I could for travel, but for this day I made sure to bring all my stuff together in one shoulder bag.  I didn’t bring my umbrella, but walking on this path with the light rain still did not remove the excitement on my foot steps.  I miss dancing in the rain, but now is not the time to dance alone in the rain and have someone else watching (the security guard of the subdivision).

I do not know what to expect with the place I last visited 5 years ago.  It seems silent around the place, I even thought it was closed.  When I got inside, I was welcomed by the receptionist to a room good for myself instead of assigning me to the dorm.  I was asked to pay the same rate.  This is a favor :-).

Now all throughout the day until I left the place, I felt a certain feeling that I am like a child being taken cared of.  His message to me  was the same when He first revealed himself to me 12 years ago.  My Daddy King is here for me, He knows all my needs and welcomes the outpouring of my heart anytime I need him.  I may not understand how He is working but He is definitely for me.  God has the best plan and He absolutely cares about me more than I care about myself.

The sun shone brightly the next day. 🙂  All marks of the rain the day before were gone.

So biologically, I’ve grown one year older.  But at heart, I’m still that 14 year old girl who once yielded her dreams and her life to her Lord and Saviour.  By now, I should have learned to trust His character and His word even more.

Now let me find my photo when I was still a teen.. Will post that to indeed prove I’m not ageing! XD hehehe


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