Ice Cream Addiction

I recently counted my regular ice cream intake and concluded that I am eating three to four cups for a week.  That means I take this desert every other day, especially on stressful seasons (not just summer season).  Now this is a confession of a habit I want to break, and my diet coach knows about it.  I was tracing back on how ice cream became my comfort food, and guess what I found during holy week break: a photo of my three-year old self licking ice cream beside our mini-grocery fridge (filled with Presto ice creams).

This little girl wakes up every morning and go straight to the ice cream fridge to claim her breakfast – Nanay Rosal

Yes, we had a mini grocery store back then and I would always peek at the ice cream freezer to get drumstick, popsicle or pinipig-stick.  I grew up loving ice cream.  I remember for my seventh birthday, when ice cream went out of our items for sale (probably because I “ate” our supposed sales earning for ice cream) my parents hired “Manong Sorbetero” (what we call wheeled-vendors selling sorbets/ ice cream) to give free ice cream for my guests.  Every three or four after school Manong Sorbetero would drop by in front of our house to offer ice cream to one of his loyal customers (me).

About Manong Sorbetero:



So fast forward to adult years, my craving for ice cream did not change.  It’s still on my list of requests when I want to be rewarded or pampered.  I’d love a tub of coffee crumble ice cream as a gift (especially when it comes from a guy friend).  As of this time, someone still owes me a Haagen Dazs and Magnum as a treat.  And yes again, I just had two cups of double dutch and choco almond fudge an hour before I wrote this article.  I really have to control my association of ice cream with love, or happiness, or relaxation.

Magnum is just so in demand at 711 during office break

It seems like each favorite ice cream flavor has stories attached to it and eating them again would bring back a certain feeling.  The sweetest memory was that of vanilla, reminds me of my mom, when she went to my school way back in college because I got brokenhearted.  She bought me a cone of ice cream to make me smile. I won’t forget the feeling of worries being blown away with this one sweet gesture in the form of getting an ice cream treat. I also remembered a friend bought me some ice cream some time ago (was it FIC or Amici) at SM North Edsa, too, when I couldn’t find the ink I was looking for my printer.  Sad experience (of not finding what you’re looking for) erased!

Take me to Amici for some gelato!

Now crepes and crème stores recently opened and I couldn’t get enough of Mango Mania.  Accept it, Ice cream has become a snack, and not a desert. I love mangoes; I love ice cream- game over. Temptation wins!

I’m not encouraging you to call McDonalds and ask for a chocolate sundae to be delivered to your door steps right away after reading this blog.  What I’m intending you to do with me is to think about your comfort food, or any food addiction you may have and think about how your craving started.  For me, it has been a lifestyle of eating ice cream.  It’s not easy.  And I’m grateful that I have been victorious to recently have taken only one spoon of ice-cream for a period of one month.  (This is due to waistline consciousness and perfecting my sugar level.)  I’m now taking my relationship with ice cream on the right perspective:  Hey Mr. Cookies and Cream, I’m the boss and you’re not.  You’re sweet but I prefer to be sexy (and healthy).

How many times have I summoned thee during distress?

These next articles is for you to read facts about ice cream and how much sugar we could each per day.  Hope this enlightens you.  And please please, send me comments on any healthy ice cream alternatives .

How much sugar intake per day is acceptable? 20 grams (or 5 teaspoons) for women


How much sugar in one Dairy Queen Dipped Cone. 31 grams


How much sugar does one Starbucks Cafe latte Grande have?  17 grams


What!? Frozen yogurt is not healthier than ice cream?


Is there healthy ice cream in the making?


Now next time, I’d really appreciate a bouquet of roses than cones of ice cream! 


3 thoughts on “Ice Cream Addiction”

  1. I think with the hot weather nowadays, ice cream easily comes to mind if one can afford it. Otherwise, halo-halo or soda. Although to stop the craving altogether, when the need comes to quench the thirst for anything cold, best to have a water jug filled with ice water. If it doesn’t work, go to a cold weather place I guess. 🙂

  2. Yay, kanina lang nagyaya si hubby pumunta ng 7-11 to get Magnum I just had to say no kasi nag-chocolate coated cookies na kami ng anak ko in the morning. Too much sweet is not good right?

  3. I love ice cream too especially during hot summer days like yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow. But more often than not, I tried to control my temptation. Agree! ‘coz of their sugar content.

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