When the Heart Stops Singing

Just when did I first got captivated by music?  As young as two or three, I remember that during family reunions my dad will gather relatives to boast how I could sing ABC or twinkle twinkle little star.  I’d bring my toy microphone with music player and actually sing.  I loved listening to nursery rhymes – humpty dumpty, hey diddle diddle.. I knew a lot of those type of songs, and these became useful when I eventually taught kids at Sunday school.

Little girl in pink dress is me.  My dad is in blue, holding the microphone for me.

This is me again with my younger cousin Iah.  The toy I’m holding would play nursery rhymes when you push buttons and I’ll sing along with it.

I still remember back when I was 6 years old, I’d watch Barbie series on TV and listen to songs sung by Barbie for each episodes.  I’d try to capture the melody and lyrics, and sing those songs for myself after the show.  The first song I’ve written at a young age was inspired by one episode about reading.  Yes, about reading.  I gave birth to a four-lined song and since then I kept writing.  About the age of twelve I started encoding song lyrics I made thru my personal type writer and recorded songs on cassette tape. 

Barbie was my first inspiration in music (not fashion) hehe

I was brave enough to lend my cassette tapes of my composition, in acapella to high school friends.  They’d listen to them and give their comments.  College years came and I met classmates who knew how to play the guitar.  I’d ask them to get the chords and make the accompaniment for my music.  It was a great joy having recorded some songs I created for our music video and movie festival projects.     It gave me greater happiness when I hear people hum my tunes or say that they can relate with the lyrics. Technology made it easier to record on CDs to easily reproduce and listen to the songs I wrote over and over again.

Saying a special hello to Leandro Detera, Lester Makasakit, Berline Tagalicod, Jayson Viray, Iah Lacsina, Jaypee Escandor and my college Tropah and “Sidapa” team who once shared my musical dreams.

I studied guitar by myself years back but it was only a few years after graduation when I figured how to play instruments to accompany some favorite song compositions.  I then learned the keyboards, and even if I’m not that good at it yet, it made me feel excited each time I strike the keys for gatherings at home or in the office.  For a long time I’ve kept my love for singing, writing songs and playing instruments.  Whenever there’s opportunity, I keep the passion for music aflame.

To write a song, and be able to sing it behind the piano like Alicia Keys would be cool!

I’d learn Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles One day. Piano coach, come back asap!

Or be like charming local artist Princess Velasco with her guitar.

My journey in pursuing music represents my yearning to continuously grow overtime.  Doing so was not backed up with an annual plan or a strategy, but the improvements came naturally simply because I love doing it.  Just like any passion, it finds itself fuel to keep it going.  It’s just there.

Sometimes I feel that I could have done more to tend this diversion.  That means having joined more singing and song-writing compositions, and submitting the demo CDs I should have worked on.  Some opportunities that have passed became opportunities wasted, because my heart was somewhere else when they came knocking on my door. I was focused on (or rather distracted) with many other dreams I want to pursue; or rather the reality that life doesn’t give much space to pursue your passion all at once with other practical responsibilities.

There came a point when my heart stopped singing, literally.  It was natural for me to sing a tune or grab a guitar each time emotions flow but this was not the case for quite some time.  Those were during times when I was trapped with “survival” concerns (such as paying bills) and the routine of making ends meet.  I felt that there was no room for creativity or a hint of inspiration that will give a tune for my life.

Some dreams flourish.  Some don’t.  I pressed the pause button for music even as a hobby. No more weekly practice for praise and worship in church, keyboard and guitar at home became dusty.  As my music life faded, I realized that my capacity to dream went to sleep with it. It was boxed by duty and demand which most likely is being encountered by other adults like me. 

One day after work hours, I grabbed a guitar at the corner of our office, and just sang.  I allowed other people hear me even when I’m out of tune (and even while their still finishing reports). I experienced a certain freedom in nurturing something I love.  I was a long lost friend welcomed by music. The feeling became lighter when I heard my co-employees softly sing with me.  To sing was all I have to do to break the ice, and get all the dream stealers in different areas of my life to melt down.

When you’re heart stops singing, just sing. 

Rootin’ for Jessica Sanchez on AI

P.S. Jaypee, Jay, VJ, Iah, Keith, Analyn, COGOP and WFW Youth, I miss jammin’ with you guys.  Jason, Carlo, Chang  and Meach – you guys,too! Nanilyn! Let’s start the band! XD

Every time I sing (or watch American Idol contestants perform), a spark of hope and excitement in my heart is awakened.  I see chords of passions and dreams that I just need to hit, not because I have to but because I want to and I’m free to do so.

Music has power, especially if you sing from your heart.  To sing and make music is a simple tool to ignite a miracle.  Remember in the book of Acts in the Bible when the Apostle Paul and Silas was locked up in prison? – They started to sing and prison wall got broken down, and they got out!

Just read the story.


I learned that when a heart stops singing (or stops dreaming, believing or stops being excited with life), remember that YOU have to sing.  No one else will do it for you. Don’t just give up yet on a desire, especially when you believe it is intended by God for a purpose.

When God breaks through your waiting


When you’re heart stops singing, just sing.  – Jonah Chipeco


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