Kalibo Stopover: House of Pinya


I was able to visit the famous Dela Cruz House of Pina,a few walks away from our hotel here in Kalibo, Aklan.  It’s an ancestral home which at the same time serves as a showroom of of pinya, abaca and nito products.  They supply souvenir products for various shops in Metro Manila.

What made this place interesting: It’s not just a store / showroom. It’s a house!! What a cozy way to shop 🙂
Yes, there are some books you can find in here,too.
Nito products at the living room! Visit the dining area of the house to see utensils, placemats and centerpieces.
Handwoven wallets at Php115 or 3USD.
Their pillowcases are new additions to this year’s collection of products.

Nanay Susima Dela Cruz explains us the “suksok”, a way of Pinya cloth weaving. The lady here is the one who started all of this!

They have nice paper bags to wrap the items, too.
Make sure to call them before your visit. Telefax +63(036)2623267 / Manila Office (632)8617602.

Visit their shop in Kalibo at #12 New Buswang Kalibo, Aklan.  Check their website: http://houseofpina.com/aboutus.html

About Pinya fabric http://www.tribo.org/textiles/pinya.html


3 thoughts on “Kalibo Stopover: House of Pinya

  1. Hope you have something there in those shopping bags for me. xoxo Aki

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