Photos: Bakhawan Eco-Park

Bakhawan Eco-Park is one tricycle ride away from Kalibo International Airport. The place is a two-minute walk away from Bakhawan resort.


The one-hour walk starts here. You'll be asked to pay Php 20 by the way. Make sure to bring your water bottle with you (and put on some sunscreen)
And just so you know, I'm not alone in this trip. Saying "Hi" to Gani, Kath and Ian.
Read thru the history so you'd know what this place is about.
Then we may now walk and enjoy the view.
Let your eyes feast on the greens you're about to see.
If my IPhone has a zoom lens, I could have captured the fishes, the bugs, and the plane (no birds here) that flew above the sky.
The bamboo bridge was creeking, but I did not mind my fear of falling as I wonder what's up ahead.
I still remember the feeling of being at peace; my surroundings just engulfed all worries of targets to meet and activities still lined up for the day. So what's at the end of the long road, you ask? It's upto you to find out and see.

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