La La La Love

Read Between the Lines

Girl: “Pakiramdam ko ang layo mo sakin.”  Guy: “Huh, what do you mean?”

Girl: “Basta.Mahirap i-explain.” Guy:“Nandito na nga ko sa tabi mo e.”


Distance is not an issue.   You can text or call me, chat or tweet if you want.

There’s Skype when you don’t feel like driving your way to pick me up.

It doesn’t matter to me if we can’t meet every day.

as long as your heart’s at home whenever we’re together.

When you’re physically present I feel you’re totally absent.

Status is in a relationship, but our hearts are apart.

Thoughts drift away when beside you, I just couldn’t feel the warmth.


Expectations; we’ve settled that early on.

I know we’re both busy with our own little worlds.

We assumed we were meant to be,

at a time when “you and me” is not the priority.

We shared the same dreams and passion,

Faith, belief, lifestyle and ambition

I wonder if having too much in common

Caused this seeming blur and boredom

I wanted more of you, but there’s not much I can give either

I’m trapped with this longing of wanting to give what you deserve.


Guy: “Do you still love me?”

Girl: “Bakit mo nanaman natanong yan?  Senti mode?”

Guy: “I just want to be sure.”

Girl:  “Sige na. Oo na.”

 I can simply say I love you then expect you to reply the same.

But if you want to know my thoughts, I can’t say it plain and straight.

We’re young and free; both beautiful as you can see.

There’s someone else I’ve liked to hang out more recently.

It’s neither the assurance I want to get nor the words from your lips

Let me give you a hint to give me a tighter grip.

She seems to be sweeter, more fun to be around

Can you refresh me of the time I was captivated by your sight?


You lavished me with gifts and words of compliments

I found you romantic, there’s no doubt you’re a gentleman.

I admired how you complete my weakness when you speak your thoughts.

You’re the life of the party, a crowd-drawer and go getter.

Despite this I have no fear of letting you loose.

But there comes a point when your demand for attention become tiring

I doubt if there’s someone like me who will be more patient with you.

I don’t want to be proving my love every other day.



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