Superb by Supersale

Last March 2-4 2012, Supersale bazaar invaded World Trade Center with awesome fashion finds – accessories, shoes, bags, wardrobe and everythink kikay girls love.  This coming month,  the group of young entrepreneurs Celline Salapantan, Audrey Ednacot and Katuo Chua brings the sale on a higher level thru “Superb” happening on May 24-27 at SMX Convention Center.

with Bazaar organizers Celline and Audrey

Here are posters and links on the sale and some photo of my fashion hunt during the Supersale last March.

Supersale at Worldtrade Center – couldnt capture everything in photo. Everyone else is busy shopping and I couldnt get a good spot for pictures 🙂

So after going around, I was able to pull some money to buy some good stuff including a fabulous printed skirt, a set of accessories and shades of nyx lipsticks.

ring, bracelet and earring set
Bought the fab skirt at Php500 (13USD)

See you at the Superb bazaar!  Visit their fb page for more details.


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