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Cebu “Pasalubong” from Aji Ichiban

I was looking for pasalubong shops inside Ayala Center Cebu and I got surprised when I visited Aji Ichiban stores having must try regional delicacies as “Pasalubong”.  In the Metro, Aji Ichiban usually boasts of candies sold per gram.

About Aji Ichiban

Pasalubong is the Filipino tradition of bringing a homecoming gift.I’ve been to Cebu for four days only last June  hardly had time to visit famous delicacy shops like Shamrock but some of the goodies I found at Aji Ichiban were loved by my family.

About Shamrock

Showing you now what was in my Pasalubong bag:

My personal favorite is the cinnamon flavored otap, a puffed pastrysprinkled with sugar. About otap:

Instead of the usual dried mangoes, why not buy dried bananas?  It has the right sweetness and still tastes natural. These ones goes to my Nanay, Aki and Joey.

When I saw this box I remembered my sister Aki who’s so into baking!  Too bad the family did not leave a piece for me to eat.  I guess it just tasted so good.

Of course, some officemates would still crave for the dried mangoes (Im just too lazy to rotate)

I got this cute key chain for free, too!

Yeah, Food is more fun in the Philippines. 

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