Chikaan sa Cebu

Hours before my flight back to Manila, I really made effort to look for Chikaan sa Cebu- a local restaurant recommended by my friend.  I also found quite a number of bloggers who shared the place so I went out on my own just to check the place. I was impressed with their wide variety of menu, affordable price and good ambiance.   Too bad my date was absent and I could not order alot!  So here’s a peak of what was on my plate.

Crab Relleno

Stuffed crabs is the way to go if you skipped your lesson on how to eat one that’s still inside its shell! Cook one for yourself :

Green Mango with bagoong

Green mango is my favorite fruit, and I couldn’t help but crave for it when I saw this on the menu.  Bagoong or shrimp paste is a Philippine condiment giving the sour mango a hint of saltiness.

Check this site for a unique “fried green mango” recipe:

Aside from this side dish, I ordered “tortang talong” or stuffed grilled eggplant omelette.  It went straight to my stomach before I had to take a photo of it so I just got the best looking one from another site:

Meaty Tortang Talong

Now eggplant omelette is a favorite which I haven’t tried to cook yet.  I found one helpful guide thru this site:

Lemon Lime Water

Now I was surprised when they served me a glass of lemon and lime water which I found so refreshing. They say it’s healthy too!

Are you wondering now what to order?  I grabbed the menu for you!

For more info check:


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