Significance in Teams

Books about teamwork just fall on my lap recently.  After reading the book “Big Dreams Depend on Teams” (halfway finished with this), a friend referred to me John Maxwell’s book for study: 17 Irrefutable Laws on Teamwork.  I guess this topic must be something I had to relearn.

Since elementary I’ve been joining various clubs – Math, Science, English, then there was Journalism in high school. I eventually pioneered a student organization during college.  I like being associated with teams and assisted various ministries even in church: Music, Youth, Performing Arts, and even taught kids in Sunday school. I consider myself as a team player.  I am most satisfied with work when I see a team working together to achieve a goal.  Contributing time, talents (and money included) to noble aspirations has been my constant pursuit.

The first law of teamwork which I recently discussed among my business minded friends is the “Law of Significance” which simply states that nothing of great value has been achieved by a lone ranger.  Batman has Robin and Cat Woman, Superman is still with Justice League, Iron Man (though cool by himself) thrives with The Avengers.  Accomplishing significant goals and causes would require one person to be collaborating with people with different sets of skills (a.k.a superpowers), personalities and connections. 


There are still heroes like Spiderman who he wanted to detach from people he loved, in order for them not to get hurt.  Despite the potential of teams, some do things by themselves because of ego, insecurity, naiveté, and perceiving their temperament as a hindrance to get along with others. Unmentioned in the book was the word “fear” which must have been rooted somewhere beneath a man’s heart losing his capacity to reach out and admit that he needs others in his life.  There were instances I’ve been part of teams which did not work out well and it took me some time to recover from these broken relationships.  After an ample time of reflection and aloneness, I knew deep inside that having people around who will be accountable for my growth would be the best way to go.   Solo players are good – but you can’t win as a champion without a team. Hey, even Manny Pacquiao have a coach behind his back.


I’m thankful for my families – who have been my cheerers and co-players in achieving my dreams.  I am thankful for my mentors and advisors, who have inspired certain aspects of my life.  I am grateful for the memories of working alongside driven and hardworking people, both in the past and in the present.  As years add to our lives and take higher aspirations I am hoping that we would benefit from the encouragement and challenge of being with a team.  I am also excited to be journeying with equally talented and passionate friends in the near future to accomplish greater things.


Read this book,too:



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