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Kadayawan 2012: Mindanao Trade Expo

It’s my second time to travel to Davao City, Philippines and my two-week visit became more exciting because the town is celebrating “Kadayawan Festival”.  Trade fairs and events are everywhere!  The first place to spot these would be at the malls; and if you happen to know me you’d understand that I literally do “mall-hopping”.  Good thing my handy cam is with me to let you take a peek 0f Davao’s colorful culture.

About Kadayawan:  Kadayawan is from the Madayan word “Madayaw” a warm and friendly greeting meaning superior, valuable. beautiful.  Kadayawan is an annual thanksgiving festival in Davao city. http://kadayawan.com/



Mindanao Trade Expo at Abreeza mall Davao showcased various handicrafts, fabrics and delicacies from the native tribes of Mindanao such as the T’boli and Mandaya.

About the Mandaya tribe: A hill tribe in barefoot identified through colorful attire, artistic embroidery and native jewelry.  The mandaya observes rituals from birth to grave including communal song and dance. http://www.davaooriental.gov.ph/website/mandayanculture.html

Tribeswomen were invited for mall goers to see how their colorful garments are being handwoven.

About the T’boli tribe: Indigenous people of South Cotabato. Their whereabouts and identity is to some extend confused in the literature; some publications present the Tboli and the Tagabili as distinct peoples; some locate the Tbolis to the vicinity of the Lake Buluan in the Cotabato Basin or in Agusan del Norte. The Tbolis, then, reside on the mountain slopes on either side of the upper Alah Valley and the coastal area of Maitum, Maasim and Kiamba. In former times, the Tbolis also inhabited the upper Alah Valley floor. After World War Two, i.e., since the arrival of settlers originating from other parts of the Philippines, they have been gradually pushed onto the mountain slopes. As of now, they are almost expelled from the fertile valley floor.http://mingsworld.org/tiboli.htm, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%27boli


For more information on the tribes of Mindanao visit http://www.philippines.hvu.nl/higaunon1.htm


Aside from the showcase of local materials, a fashion design competition was also held at Abreeza mall featuring modern adaptations of tribal costumes.  Souvenir items are being sold in various booths/exhibits, too.







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