A Good Mix of Food and Friends

Memory log: August 26, 2012  @ Amici, SM Megamall with Monica, Melodie & Angela.

Wow, it’s been years since I remember the four of us spent time together.  It was playstation games and anime we usually talk about back in high school, yes a little about our crushes (especially the common “one” we had!).  As we’re getting older we’re speaking a different language,.. work, boys.. boys… family matters.  And Monica still could not believe she’s getting married two weeks from now (haha!).

Almost 10 years ago,Monica’s 18th birthday.

I enjoyed our short time together earlier today, (or is it because of the food?!).  I still felt that comfortable feeling of just being myself with you guys again (the psychologist-slash-journalist me, according to Angela, asking questions and ever analyzing answers!)And so I have to post about what we ordered in here and a short analysis study, if you dont mind.  (Oops, I’m going nerd mode na haha)

Choco Sansrival Gelato Cake

My Pick –  I love sansrival, and I love ice cream cakes! Hence, my first order from Amici’s Menu.  I started my meal backwards and went for desert as appetizer ;-).

Ravioli di Spinaci Pasta
Spinach Linguinne ala Putanesca

Melodie and Monica ordered health vegie pasta which I both loved, Angela matched these with a meaty pizza (no picture of that, sorry.)  I thought I wouldn’t dig in because I just came from a pasta feast at Aveneto earlier but  I couldn’t resist.

Now back to the sweets:

If I didn’t order choco sansrival, I’d opt for Melodie’s choice which tasted wickedly good.. wait, is this Mango Tango or Mango Sansrival?

Mango Tango
Spumoni Surprise: pistachio, strawberry and chocolate

Monica and Angela craved for the same desert. I liked it that the serving of pistachio gelato was more than the strawberry and chocolate for this one.  So it must be the sweets that kept me up feeling up and filled until 12 midnight to do this blog! I skipped my dinner, by the way.

Me, Angela, Monica and Melodie. “Sarling sikap ang pagkuha”

Til our next food trip ladies 😉



4 thoughts on “A Good Mix of Food and Friends

  1. :D:D best combination 😀 food and friends 😀

  2. Sana next time kumpleto na tvcc, pagplanuhan ntn ang 2014 trip ^_^

  3. thanks, jonah! nice blog… btw, it’s called “Mango Passion”. I also skipped dinner since I’m sooo full pa!^_^ I enjoyed it a lot… sa uulitin!

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