A Prayer Sealed with A Kiss

This is neither the first nor the last that I will mention him to you;
perhaps because he is special, I know he is – even more to your sight.
Though I pray that for a period of time, you’d just let us be
and allow the space between us. Within the space, engulf both of us with prayers
until we’ve been close enough with your heart, and strong enough for You to let us go. Make this man mature, and wiser; honest, open, loving and forgiving.
Build within him the courage and humility,
so that he can become a fortress, as You are to your children.
And I pray that You’d find him a woman equally passionate, assuring;
confident, cheerful and a constant source of his smile.
Thank you for listening, and for the tender heart you gave
to enable people to utter selfless prayers.
We look to You as the author of love. Amen.
-JMC August 26, 2012-

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