La La La Love

Torned Between…

Lately I’ve been lured by the adventures of the new and thoughts of being with you. You’re shaking me out of my comfort zone and my head has been wandering to a far-off place only my imagination has known.  Your invitiations are filled with promises of awakening my dreams and reviving the core of my being.  I’m ready to step out and leave familiar behind to answer to your call.

But someone else has been knocking before I even close the door.  “Who’s there?”  I need not to ask myself for his name would be the first in mind: a present commitment, my friend and lover whom in years I have found after much prayer and guidance.  I have told him about you and gave me freedom of choice.  But in a subtle yet defined way, he’s been pursuing me again and it leaves me wondering if blossoming flowers I now see in the horizons would be true.

Is the best defined by why or who, or simply the direction we both will be going to?  My future will be bright with either of the two, that’s for sure; even if now i don’t have a clue.  I guess only my heart can dictate to whom will I subdue, hoping soon that  love outweighs the fighting the three of us has to do.


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