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Lollicakes, Cupcakes and Cakes!

Coming home last night, my younger sister and brother watched downoaded videos from www.joyofbaking.com.  Aki, of course got inspired to do her version of lollicakes by Christmas time and got her baking passion revived because of another technique and making frostings which she just learned.  Her cupcakes are often the best, if not for some “epic fails” (as she calls it) for the trial-and-error-in-frosting-making.

I first got my taste of lollicakes during a festival in Kalibo, Aklan and I so loved them

What is Lollicake?
Lollicakes (short for lollipop cakes) are gourmet bite-size cakes with chocolate coating on a stick

Variety of lollicakes – good as a bouquet of roses for me 😛
this is how it looks like in the inside (yummy….)

And also speaking of cakes and cupcakes, I’d like to put in here a few photos I got from my “Mall tour” in Davao during the Kadayawan Festival.  Local bakers and pattissiere showcased some of their delicacies.

Jams and more cupcakes!
how do i eat this lantern cake
and more colorful cakes!
truffles and cupcakes

Now here are my all time favorite cakes and cupcakes that is so within reach…

Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Marjolaine – it boosed Red Ribbon’s sales when launched Sept 2006


Whattatops and Chocotopps!



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