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Yoshinoya’s Jumbo Plates

I always have surprise dates with Aki and Joey (my wonderful siblings) when they text me that they’re at a mall near the office.  Im grateful to have extra budget to spend on giving them a treat; we usually take a long time deciding where to eat!  One criteria in choosing where to dine is to imagine that our Nanay Rosal is with us to approve where we’d want to go.  The other one is our craving for the day, and most of the occasions, we crave for Japanese food!

After jumping a month before from Teriyaki Boy, we went off to Yoshinoya and grabbed their Jumbo plates – a good fix for our hunger which we think moms will approve budgetwise.


Their smiles here are priceless. I wonder who could be the 4th person dining with us? (my date! hehe)


So that’s one big plate with beef teriyaki, ebi tempura, kani salad and lotsa rice.  The other jumbo plate is with chicken teriyaki, sauteed monggo sprout with mixed vegies and lotsa rice.  There’s four red iced tea too.  Now they have a promo to get these two plates at a lower price (i forgot already) usually one plate is Php190.  Serving is generous for average eaters like us (maintaining the figure eh).  We thought at first that it was too much for us but good thing we have an appetite to match what was served that night.


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