Art and Poetry, La La La Love

Dear Knight


 “It’s not that you don’t trust me.  You don’t trust yourself when you should.”

 Those were some powerful spoken words from you.    It was like a double-edged sword piercing my heart, drawing me to silence.  I felt the intensity of emotions, yet it was delicately wrapped with concern.   I expected that from you – honest and straight forward.  But with humility and respect appropriate for such a man of stature.

 I wanted to explain my side, and defend myself… and present my reasons… and affirm my decisions.  I wanted to make you understand.  But for a few seconds I came to realize that it’s not my story neither what happened before this discussion matters.  It is this defining moment which I found amazing.  You came as a friend, approached me at my throne and invited me to privately speak with you and listen.  It is thus time for me to listen, and set an example of what I’ve often told you to do – listen.

 Behind the words I failed to say, let me write in this letter what I think and feel, if you may.

 Dear knight, I saw in you someone brave enough to confront me of my mistakes.  There stood before me was a sincere man challenging me to have faith in myself.   You were a real gentleman waking up a princess from her sleep – showing her she’s not made up of everything too good to be true. You may not have noticed it but you gave your pledge of loyalty, and stepped up as an ally I wouldn’t want to lose.  Yet you stood as a warrior who needed not to be subject of my command.  I am equally humbled and blessed.

 I trust you, but there are times I couldn’t trust myself not to care about you and let you be. 

I wanted to protect you, and decide what’s best for you.

 I’ve forgotten that you have a heart and mind of your own, and that I only work alongside you.

Duty is oftentimes difficult, but it is real people like you who inspire battles to be won.

We are serving one King, and not ourselves.  Thus, we should press forward.


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