Blooming Friendships =)

I thought I haven’t been too friendly this year (with work as my excuse), but  I’m caught with a BIG surprise!  Year 2012 brings me smiles as it ends remembering the awesome people who made a mark in my heart =)  Unintentional but destined to be! hehe 🙂 Celebrate with me the budding friendships we’ve shared.  Mind if I post your photos in here with some dedication?


I appreciate each of you as individuals =) Im glad to be part of this team



new friends!
Til we meet again 😉


Im excited for our band rehearsal! woot!!!

P.S.  To all of you:

I don’t have budget right now to buy splendid gifts (for you who’s expecting a special one from me)

or treat you for dinner (at our fave Bd1 Korean resto.. or KFC like when NT had our first date),

i no longer have Gelatissimo coupons to giveaway for Vans’ friends,

and I still haven’t practiced my song assignment for SRG Master Homer…

Consider this one as my thank you 😉

I look forward to next year when we meet again finding each one of us to be richer, love-filled and happier!

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New You!

For my single girl and guy friends, here’s something I found related with my blog post title:


4 thoughts on “Blooming Friendships =)

  1. so sweet. 🙂 thanks ate jonah! 🙂

  2. How sweet of you Jonah!!! thanks for this. Glad to be with you in the team too. God bless F2F team

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