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People of the Year Awards 2012

Counting my blessings for 2012 as the year ends, it’s not really the achievements or material possessions that I recall and treasure.  It’s usually experiences that matters and encounters with people who made a difference in my life .

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Time Magazine named US President Barack Obama as their Person if the Year for 2012. http://poy.time.com/2012/12/19/person-of-the-year-barack-obama/.   I know Obama, but not personally.  He also has a little influence on who I am as a person.

Thus, I came up with my own People of the Year Award, to recognize people who stepped in to my life and made an impact to me this 2012.  Extending themselves to me touched my heart and left me with inspiration and lessons to learn.

POY Awards

Why not? After all, it’s not only Presidents and Famous Personalities should receive an award. =)

Here is my own list for Flaring Felicity’s People of the Year Awardees:


I first met Casey Jones (CJ) three  years ago at a call center expo.  We were neighbor exhibitors who exchanged a short conversation during break from work.  Who could have known that this encounter could go a long way?   After two years of not keeping in touch, we met again this year and it always makes me feel grateful that he still welcomes me as a friend.


CJ is a passionate, exciting, positive and determined dreamer and learner.  Yes, his library background in the photo literally represents how he seeks knowledge and loves reading.  He is hands on with business and family, and also has a heart to give back for the glory of our Creator.  He knows his priorities. He is also affirmative and expressive of his thoughts and feelings. His clarity of values and life goals is remarkable.

The lesson he imparted to me this year is that discovering friendships could be as easy as speaking with people whether or not you have the assurance of having something in common to converse with.   When someone fails to keep in touch or appear when he is supposed to meet you, there is always a reason and you should be open with the possibility of not knowing right away; it will be revealed to you at the right time.  CJ reinforced that it is not only important to know what you are passionate about in life but to learn the things you hate in order for you not to compromise.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.  Spend as many time possible with wifey and Cody Badody 😉


Jeric.  I know he doesn’t want to be introduced thru how he is normally introduced (stating all his businesses and accomplishments)so I am particularly careful in this post what I’ll tell about this man.  I learned from him that there is more than “that” in a person.  More than how successful or rich you are, what matters is your heart – knowing your purpose, connecting and making a difference in other people’s lives.

Being a leader myself requires leaders and examples to learn from.  I always thank the Lord because Jeric’s presence in my life reminds me that I am always equipped, and the resources I need is always at hand.   Finding and praying for a mentor in different areas of life takes both courage to take risks and humility to be coachable.

Very few people will step into your life and encourage you to be aware of and pursue your dreams.  You’ll surely treasure those people; and eventually, you’ll just notice yourself to become the exact inspiring person you wished you have met.

people 3


From among all the people listed here, I had a hard time figuring what photo to use for Ian.  That is because he has many solo photos of himself, and I think he will give me a negative feedback if I posted something he disliked.  So I just went with how he normally looks like – wearing a smile, and wearing a checkered polo shirt!  And whether you’ll say something good or bad about what I’ve written, I’ll gladly accept 😉

Ian both cares and doesn’t care much of how others see him.  Wait, that’s contradicting, right?  His very persona reminds me of being human – someone imperfect, but present and alive.  Sometimes selfish, but pretty much generous.  Strong and passionate, yet honest and emotional.   There are people you will meet in life who will color everything around you and will make you feel something’s missing when they are gone.  That’s the kind of person he is.

Your girlfriends will forgive me for posting this.
Your girlfriends will forgive me for posting this.

This guy challenges me to do the same as he takes courage in facing himself.  I literally like viewing the mirror to glance at my pretty face but some people will point at your weaknesses to groom you into a more beautiful person.  People may judge you – they may be right or not.  But what matters most is your inner conviction reconciling right from wrong; balancing your passions with your dislikes, then discerning how you’ll stand firm wherever you go.

Congratulations!  And please don’t brag much about this award.  A simple thank you is enough.  And even if you don’t thank me, that’s okay.  I’m using my right to freedom of expression 😛




The next spot goes to my equally smart, hardworking, sexy and gorgeous room-mate Nani (yeah!).  I can’t imagine 2012 without you!!!  I know we’re a blessing to each other, could you have survived and endured this year’s challenges without me???

Seriously, you were a surprise angel sent to me for companionship, love and support this year.  Your existence in my life reminds me of how sweet God is sending someone over during alone-times and encouragement for daily life.  This is weird, but I think you were wired to me my elder sister! Wait, no, twin sister??  Hehe.

Since I should learn something from you…  This is it  (just kidding).  Each life’s journey is perfectly made to compliment another person’s life – may it be family, a lifetime partner, or friend.  There is always something common with each person that you’ll discover, an existing hobby, a past experience or a dream for the future.  You were a daily reminder for me to be thankful, even during ungrateful times ( you know when).

All the good things I desire for myself, I most especially pray for you and even more.  So I won’t mind you finding your guy first hehe.  Cheers for all the love, hardwork and passion given out this year and for what we will receive (and still give with joy) this 2013.



Friendships were made to last.  Joint in our faith, this could be forever.

Van, It was almost ten years back when we last met and being with you again this year is like living a dream.  You are an answered prayer – not just for me but for people who may have whispered a message to God for your life and salvation.  I appreciate you.  And I am thankful for you remembering our friendship and welcoming me into your life again this year.

I am most excited for the adventures we will share, things I could learn from you and what you could likewise learn from me.  You are a reminder to me that life is temporal, and what matters would be the seeds we plant in people which will eventually grow in time.

There are times when we may be busy and feel tired, but we’re still beautiful, inside and out – and that’s what’s important! Hehe.  Keep up the good work and let’s enjoy what life may bring one day at a time.

Just always put on a smile =)
Just always put on a smile =)

Congratulations and I love you guys 😉


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