12 Wonderful Gifts of 2012

12 Wonderful Gifts of 2012

I can manage to come up with an annual report of my performance at work in a day or two, but that would still seem not enough time to capture and reflect on the things I have to learn.  Summing up the good things and the bad in my personal life is more challenging. But writing this list given a few days of preparation just springs up thanksgiving as the year closes.  If I were to face God in the evening of December 31, I could only  hope for Him to tell me that 2012 was a year well spent and that there will be more gifts and adventures to come in 2013.

You will enjoy what you work for, and you will be blessed with good things.

– Psalm 128:2

I thank God for letting me enjoy simple pleasures in daily life such as being able to watch cool movies with family and friends, having spare time to read some books.  For some people, having free time is already a luxury.  Im just grateful that Im not that busy for books and movies this year.

Click this for movies I watched this year(Hunger Games, MIB 3 and Bourne Legacy excluded but already downloaded for viewing tonight) and my book readings for 2012.  ( I only finished three books by  the way, one is The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge,  look forward for interest to read good books of various topics this year duringpersonal time)

The Sacred Romance a timely book to read, thanks for sharing this Nani!

The Sacred Romance a timely book to read, thanks for sharing this Nani!

About the book Sacred Romance

Work in itself has also been enjoyable since I experienced travelling to the wonderful provinces of Aklan, Cebu and Davao and mingle with famous celebrities this year.  To have fun in your job  is already a blessing.   Im just hoping though that my blog post next year would be filled with personal local and international travels this time with no work on the side hehe.

Working with my laptop along the white sand beach of Boracay ;)

Working with my laptop along the white sand beach of Boracay 😉 Yes, it’s for work but I can still stroll around and enjoy.

Here are highlights of my travels: Cebu  Davao  Aklan


with Filipina beauty queen and philantropist Miriam Quiambao
with Filipina beauty queen and philantropist Miriam Quiambao

Click here for my blog post about 2012 encounters with celebrities

Don’t get me wrong.  Things hasn’t been “all smooth” with my career life. It’s normal.  The fun part this year is that I can always step out of the routine and do things extraordinarily.  Surprising colleagues with birthday celebrations and stepping out of the office desk to join a dance number ala-flash-mob is some cool things I’d love to do every year.  We can always have time for videoke with officemates or try on cool themed outfits too.

officemates, ready to party!
officemates, ready to party!

 “Behold, I am making all things new.” – Revelations 21:5

I always see to it that I do something new to spark creativity and excitement.  I am thankful to have explored new restaurants this year, mostly Korean and Japanese cuisine.  My taste buds has been likewise open to Thai and and Greek dishes.  I am blessed with friends to share these meals with, sometimes I would eat for free because of their generosity.

Thai Salad at Dusit Thani's Hotel Benjarong (blog post / review soon)
Thai Salad at Dusit Thani’s Hotel Benjarong (blog post / review soon)

Watch out for my next post on Restaurant Picks for 2012.  Still working on it.  For the meantime you can browse thru the Food Faves section of this blog.

Despite the love for food and satisfying my cravings, I still value health and it’s a blessing that myself and family has been healthy this year. I haven’t been as religious as last year when it comes to exercise but I still watch my food intake and see to it that I have mobile activities.  I am also starting to learn and study health matters after enrolling myself in a fitness and weight management program.  Being fit and fab for 2013 is still in my checklist.

What can be sexier than a smile? Just the teaser now 😉  Sexier pics for 2013?

The year has also paved way for new businesses for me and family.  I was able to organize 3 batches of my workshop series for Cashflow 101 and will be looking into launching Make-up 101 this Feb 2013.  Aki started her online shop for made-to-order clay accessories; aside from this she and Joey gets commissions from art works too.  Nanay has sold boxes of her Malunggay (moringga) tea and displays RTW clothes once in a while in front of our house.  All these will pay-off in time and we’re praying for productivity and good results for 2013.

Batch 1 Participants of Cashflow 101 Workshop at TriNoma
Batch 1 Participants of Cashflow 101 Workshop at TriNoma

P.S.  Keep posted for my workshop schedules this January, send me a private message if you’d like to join.

Bonus: I also gained a new perspective in boy-girl relationships.  This is what I look forward to write,  and is usually in-demand among my posts but is also the hardest to put to word nowadays.  Oh well, can it wait until valentines day?

This for the meantime is my favorite blog post about love this 2012: This goes out to my guy😉

❤ ❤ ❤

Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. – Romans 13: 8-10

I always say that everything is about relationships.  I am thankful that somehow those words are true to me for this year.  Time spent with friends, both old and new are worth cherishing.

 My 2012 Reunions 

New Friendships

Prayer and reflection will glue all these gifts together.    It’s a blessing that retreats during my birthday, river weekend at church and year end reflection with friends were arranged for me to join and provide space for stillness and quiet moments with God for this year.

Moments to Reflect:

During my birthday

Calaruega retreat

So these again are the 12 gifts I received for 2012:

  1. Movies and Books to Enjoy
  2. Travels
  3. Reunions
  4. Moments for Retreat and Reflection
  5. Good health through out the year
  6. New friends
  7. Room for creativity at work
  8. Exploring Various Restaurants and different cuisines
  9. Launching Businesses
  10. New perspective on relationships
  11. Celebrity encounters
  12. Being able to Make a difference in other people’s lives.
I was invited as seminar speaker at PUP this year.  I want to be doing this more often.
I was invited as seminar speaker at PUP this year. I want to be doing this more often as my way of giving back to the youth.

Please read this article dedicated to friends who influenced and inspired me the most this 2012:

Must read:  People of the Year Awards 2012

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness.  Thank you for being part of my journey this 2012.  By the way, I also maintained this blog Flaring Felicity for a year now! 😉  That’s another celebration!

Thank you for all viewers of Flaring Felicity! please like my fb page or follow my blog ;)
Thank you for all viewers of Flaring Felicity! please like my fb page or follow my blog 😉

Happy new year everyone! – Jonah Chipeco


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