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My Celebrity Encounters 2012

One of my blog post last year garnering the highest number of views for the month of December was the one with photos of myself taken with local celebrities.  This year again is star studded!  I may not be able to retrieve some photos (found in my other laptop) but I’ll insert in here short narrations.

Cecilio Pedro, CEO Lamoiyan corporation with  the lovely bamboo organ as our background
Cecilio Pedro, CEO Lamoiyan corporation with the lovely bamboo organ as our background

Cecilio Pedro of Lamoiyan Corporation (Happee Toothpaste) hosted an assembly of Private School Dentists at their office.  He gave a short speech and I was so inspired of his leadership, love for country and family, and his various advocacies for children, disabled persons and the environment. About Cecilio Pedro

Atty Alex Lacson: lawyer, writer, motivational speaker, nationalist, philantropist
Atty Alex Lacson: lawyer, writer, motivational speaker, nationalist, philantropist

Atty. Alexander Lacson wrote a series of books encouraging love for country, The 12 Little Things Filipinos Can do for the Country is the most popular one.  I am always inspired listening to his speeches; I was blessed to able to hear him several times this year.  He is a humble gentleman who strongly values family. About Alex Lacson 


Click here for book summary

Beauty Title holders Daisy Reyes and Lara Quigaman 

Both of them were endorsers of Naomi Jewelry and I was able to meet them during the company’s launch last February.  I didn’t have time to chat with Lara but she managed to accommodate my request to take a picture with her.  I had a moment to speak with Daisy Reyes who is now councilor for Pateros- District 2.   She hasprograms for women empowerment and has a line-up of livelihood projects for her community.  She maintains the beauty queen and politician stature yet remains very humble and approachable.

Precious Lara Quigaman
Precious Lara Quigaman
Daisy Reyes
Daisy Reyes

Photos of Naomi Fashion Event here 

Lourd de Veyra – aha, just watch his youtube videos Word of the Lourd 😉

My friends were uber excited when i posted this photo with him on fb. Oh my Lourd!!
My friends were uber excited when i posted this photo with him on fb. Oh my Lourd!!

The Sweet Sitti Navarro is humble, charming and ever smiling.  She graced us for dinner at a company event in Cebu in this photo. I can’t wait to hear her sing live some time soon.  I’m still a fan 😉  By the way, I love her complexion.

All smiles with Sitti
All smiles with Sitti

Joshua Davis a.k.a Yoyo Tricker I am always amazed each time this young man performs!  I was also blessed to meet his family this year.  I admire the supportive environment he has to allow him to become the best in his craft.  Keep up the good work Josh 😉

Joshua's photo from Talentadong Pinoy
Joshua’s photo from Talentadong Pinoy

Watch his performance at WCOPA 2011

If I am still a teenager now, I’d most likely have a crush on Sam Concepcion – because of his smile, charm and talent in both singing and dancing.  He’s only 20 years old so I’m letting my younger sister admire him now.  I worked with him this year at Supersale bazaar and felt his sincerity for his advocacy and passion for what he does.  This guy really wants to be a good example for the young generation and he deserves the success he has now.

cool Sam :)
cool Sam 🙂

Miriam Quiambao I met this lady several time last year but only had a chance to have a short conversation with her this year at an event with Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines.  There is more to her than just being a beauty title holder and admire how she develops herself each year.  She has been invited not just for talks on beauty and personality development but even money and investment matters also.

So glad to finally have my photo taken with her :)
So glad to finally have my photo taken with her 🙂

Miriam’s blog about her article at Money Sense Magazine

Christian Bautista gained the top spot in my blog post for 2011’s Celebrity Encounters, and I don’t mind posting about him this year.  If last year he only sang Jose Marie Chan’s Beautiful Girl for me during one of his mall shows, I was able to share conversation with him and other work colleagues over dinner.

still kilig over Christian B
Still kilig over Christian Bautista.  Yes, my smile could tell hehe. My sister told me though that I looked like a proud road manager here!

Unforgettable conversation:

Jonah:  The last time we met was a year ago, you had a show at SM North and you sang to me.

Christian: Oh dear, I sing to many girls.  (with his charming eyes apologetically looking at mine)

Jonah: I know! as if you’d remember 😉  

(then Christian just laughed)

My top spot goes to the mesmerizing Judy Ann Santos  I met during Antonya and Neyo Babao’s birthday party.  Simple as she is, but I used the word mesmerizing because her radiance, with hardly a make-up on, was beautiful.  She looks at you when you speak to her.  It will feel intimidating at first knowing that she’s a popular local celebrity but all that will just melt away.

alluring mom Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo
alluring mom Judy Ann Santos – Agoncillo

Who I want to meet this 2013:

(Just dreaming)

International male celebrity – Taylor Lautner, Orlando Bloom, Samuel Larsen or Jason Castro

International female celebrity – Tyra Banks, Beyonce, The Corrs or Taylor Swift

Local male celebrity – Xian Lim, Derek Ramsay, Jericho Rosales and Chris Tiu (again)

Local female celebrity – Kim Chiu, Grace Lee, Alodia, Lucy Torres.







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