Hanging Bridge

Excited to reach the other side
Forget that this little girl fears heights
Im up for the challenge, Im always game
Ive been braver and I feel Im not the same

Paralysis still eats you up in the middle
your knees starts to shake and your grip gets tighter
You will soon hear laughters behind you going louder
You will just wish to find yourself a cheer leader

Cry, Scream, Laugh, get mad, feel helpless, pray
It’s a 5-minute journey filled with all emotions you can get
It’s about speed and focus, watch your own pace.
Your heart will pound, body will sweat, you can lose your breath

Make that step by yourself
No one else can carry your feet forward
friends in front of you will not help any either
Especially if unlike you, life is a bit lighter

I did not imagine if there’s a price that awaits
My determination was to finish, take a leap of faith
Just hold my hand, yes, i needed that embrace
A child still resides inside this woman of grace.

Now this is me, really scared crossing that bridge!
Now this is me, really scared crossing that bridge!

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