I Love Red Dresses!

My fashion posts for the month of February would include everything red I browsed online which looks good, and which I’d eventually like to buy for myself.  I’ve had almost an hour searching www.clozette.co  and grabbed some photos of casual and glam dresses I can choose from.  If I’d be lucky, my friends who have seen this post can also buy one for me (as an early gift for my birthday this March!).

Ladies wearing red dresses or gowns, for me simply stands out!  Red exudes an aura of passion and energy and makes you feel sexy and confident.  I’m planning to have one casual dress and one glam dress from these selections:

Spunky Cotton Dress
Maxi Dress with Fun Prints
Maxi Dress with Fun Prints
Calm and Cool
Calm and Cool

I have a tall frame and could definitely carry either long or mini dresses.  I’d like to go for one of these casual and comfy dresses.  The first one is something I could put on whenever I feel creative and artistic.  The maxi dress is a piece I could wear when I hang out outdoors, or take to the beach this summer!  The last one is for hot days strolling in the mall or having dinner with friends.  Hmm.. which one of these should I go for?

Now for something I can put on in the office or for special occasions …

Simple and Sophisticated
Simple and Sophisticated

I like accessorizing with long necklaces and I definitely have plenty to match this dress if I bought it.  I love the  cut, and I could put on some stockings for this too in case I the occasion would not allow me to bare my legs.

Sweet and Stylish

This one is being sold only forPhp800- Php1,000 online yet the Grecian style could pass as high fashion.  I can wear this for cocktail parties with a pair of dangling earrings.  Yes, I’ll also have my hair curled and copy her look.


Now this is a hot dress which we could give a few tweaks to resemble Maggie Q’s costume in Nikita.  I would want one for cosplay or to attend to high end events in the future.  And yes, the Ray-Ban is necessary for that celebrity look.

Maggie Q as Nikita
Red looks  ravishing on Maggie Q as Nikita

2 thoughts on “I Love Red Dresses!

  1. Get the Nikita-ish one please~! I’ll be the Alex! I’m prepared! XDDD

  2. I totally agree! I’m really startled that this keeps happening time after time these days. I am so glad I am not jogging. The Owners need to know about things in future I need to keep an eye on what is going on moving forward.

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