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Bodhi Vegetarian Health Food: My Favorite Combo Meal

Me and my mom would always look for Bodhi to have lunch or dinner breaks from shopping at SM Supermalls.  Vegetables are often missing from the menus of your usual fastfood, thus having Bodhi’s Vegetarian food around is great help for health conscious people.

My Favorite Bodhi Combo Meal

I always order a combo meal for Php95 including one cup of rice, 2 viands and a glass of drink.  My favorite viands are vegie meat curry (left) and tofu with brocolli, carrots and mushroom(right) which I often cook for myself at home.

Vegie meat and tofu has been my favorite substitute for meats. Vegie meats are usually made of either mushrooms,beans, cheese, eggs, onions and bread.  It’s calorie and nutrient content may be higher or lower depending on the ingredients used.  (Read more from the source).

Check out a review of Bodhi from Tatak Digitista, a fellow Filipino blogger.  Branch locations available here.


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