Favorites from Mr. Kabab

Mr. Kabab has been a feel-good restaurant that we go to whenever friends and myself needs filling meals and a good ambience to chat.  The branches I visit most often are the ones in West Avenue (walking distance from my office and boarding house) and the spot in Ortigas.  The restaurant serve yummy mediterranean cuisine in good serving portions and pricing.

Special Chic Chelo Kebab with grilled tomato and pita bread
Special Chic Chelo Kebab with grilled tomato and pita bread

I always order special chicken chelo kebab.  My plate with the grilled tomato and pita bread costs Php 110 only.  One stick of chelo kebab is made of ground meat, while the other one is made of whole chunks.  You may also try it with rice instead of pita bread.  If you want to try a different chicken meal, order for chicken beryani served with rice at Php120.  Chicken beryani recipe is available if you want to prepare one for yourself at home.

Aside from chicken, Mr.Kabab also serves beef, fish and lamb.  My guy friends with big appetite recommends the Shawarma in Plate (P80), korma (P130) and Sizzlink Keema with eggplant (P105).  They have fewer selections for fish but I’ve tried everything on the menu:  fried bangus, shrimp and mushroom, and sizzling fish fillet are all good. XD

Salad with Yhogurt
Salad with Yhogurt

Perfect meals for me are always served with a salad or vegetables.  Try their salad with yhoghurt (P65) or spinach with yhogurt (P80).  These are my personal favorites.  They serve fresh shakes if you prefer fruits than vegies.

Baghlava for dessert
Baghlava for dessert

As finale for your meal, I suggest that you order some baghlava, a popular Middle Eastern desert that they say goes best with coffee or tea. They serve pistachio, walnut and almond flavors for this.  (I prefer to take the desert cold than have these reheated.)

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