Wishes and Prayer Lists


Did you ever lookout for falling stars at night?  And after having seen one, did you make a wish?

When I was a child, I was specific enough about what I wanted to wish for.  I want to finish my studies, I want to be an actress, and I want to be rich!  It would only take seconds for me to catch a glimpse at that falling star before it disappears from the horizon.  So I was ready with my wishes like an auto-response.  I’d step out of the house and  gaze at the night sky almost every night before I sleep.

Now in my adult years, busyness has taken away the pleasure of intently looking at the sky and waiting for a star to fall.  The child in me would still pause for a few seconds to capture a quick view of the night sky before entering our house coming from work.  But I didn’t have all the time to wait, staring for a long time I knew it could take.

I can still unwind and enjoy the starlit sky during vacations, I still do every now and then.  It’s the best watching the view from the beach, lying down at the sand.  Alone.  Or with friends who’s as excited to search for that falling star with you though it’s something we failed to accomplish for the past years.  I guess it shows itself to kids, only.

I no longer believe in the power of falling stars.  But I’d definitely whisper prayers when I see one.  Those three wishes that I used to have also evolved.  Specific, but I wouldn’t shout it out loud and boldly like I used to utter my childhood wishes.  Despite that, I have a firm confidence in my heart that my desires would come to pass.

Now this is not the time for me to discuss that new set of adult wishes. I have noticed, however, that childlike prayers that would spring up from my heart are the ones usually answered and magically granted for me.  One story is how I won my Iphone from a Christmas party raffle (entire story here) and how I receive daily surprises from people around me – chocolates, or ice cream delivered at my desk just when I crave for one.  Last year, I received a stuffed teddy bear as belated birthday gift.  I was surprised when I found it on my desk, having remembered days later that it was something I mentioned from a friend as a simple something I’d like to have.

This was the bear, and I named him "Wish"
This was the bear, and I named him “Wish”

And so, I’ve come up with this list of prayer items or simple wishes I’d like to have for my birthday.. posting it as if I’m a five year old kid requesting this from mommy and daddy.  It’s fun craving for life’s simple pleasures again and reveling on felicity, the main essence of this blog.  Imagine that I’m shouting it out loud like I child who’s excitedly screaming for these wishes when the meteor arrive.

PS.  Please deliver until April 30th.
PS. Please deliver until April 30th.

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