Art and Poetry, La La La Love

The Art of Becoming

I learned to hide.  And I allowed myself to be hidden,until such time that my heart is nurtured and have grown through the love surrounding me. I was sufficiently fed and I am grateful to have lived years of my life without you. I’ve kept my dream to tread your uncharted world in the realms of my thoughts,until you have awakened me with the reality of your existence: imperfect, but still ideal, and most of all true. You reached for my hand to take the plunge of joining you. Alas, I felt impassioned to pursue the path which you have called me to – a deep sea of the unknown.   I found myself fearless to jump, then dive, and swim with all the energy I’ve been waiting for a long time to release.   Just before I rise to catch my breath, I see myself soaring and transformed with a glare; enthralled with the sparkles of lights like glittering diamonds wrapping me.  I believe I am and has become who I was meant to be.  And you, my darling, is the sweet inevitable part of my becoming.

*Note: Artworks are original from the author.


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